Mac Jones: 49ers offense “quarterback friendly,” similar to Alabama

Mississippi State vs Alabama
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Last week’s trade that moved the 49ers into the third pick of this year’s draft was followed by nearly unanimous speculation that the team plans to select a quarterback.

Chris Simms of NBC has suggested Alabama’s Mac Jones is a great fit for the offense that 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, a close friend of Simms, runs on multiple occasions and Jones seems to feel the same way.

While speaking to reporters ahead of Alabama’s second Pro Day on Tuesday, Jones said, via Matt Barrows of, that he’s watched a lot of 49ers tape and finds a lot of similarities to what he’s done with the Crimson Tide. Those similarities helped Jones to the opinion that the offense is “super quarterback friendly.”

Shanahan will join General Manager John Lynch to watch Jones throw on Tuesday and choosing to be there rather than in Columbus to watch Justin Fields will likely add to the links between team and player in the final weeks before the draft.

13 responses to “Mac Jones: 49ers offense “quarterback friendly,” similar to Alabama

  1. if his college career transfers over to he NFL level, Mac will CLEARLY be the best that comes out of this class… Against the best of college defense, runs up the score! MONEY!

  2. What has Fields done?.. won a couple of games against lesser opponenets and disappeared against a strong Bama team… No thanks!

  3. The 49ers didn’t mortgage their future to move up and draft Mac Jones.

    It will be Wilson.

  4. Alabama QB Mac Jones says he’s watched a lot of 49ers tape. Says their drop-back passing game is similar to what Alabama does. Calls it a “super quarterback friendly” offense

  5. The fact that they made the trade before they even saw Jones or Fields throw in person tells me the guy they want is Trey Lantz.

  6. I would be very suprises if they select Mac Jones…. He’s got a 2-4 round grade… That would make John Lynch look as if the CTE is in full effect

  7. Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence are the only 2 QBs i Would draft. They will have the most NFL success. Mac Jones reminds me a lot of Tom Brady. The BYU kid has inconsistent footwork. It will take a lot of work to fix that, and its possible, it can never be fixed. Baker Mayfield has awful footwork and he still hasn’t fixed it and he’s been in the NFL 3 years which is why he only completed 62.8% of his passes good for 30th best in the NFL.

  8. Don’t know why he would waste time watching a “lot of 49ers tape” if they haven’t ‘s told him they were going to take him.

  9. They Niners would NEVER risk telling a QB that they wanted to take him. Things like that leak too easily.

    Jones likely looked at tape from most of the teams that need a QB……..or are in the top 10 in the draft.

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