Playmakers returns (sort of, but not really)

A three–paneled ad of the Playmakers adorns the side of Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles.
Getty Images

It was a short-lived fictional pro football series on ESPN, which the NFL coerced ESPN into canceling. It’s now (or at least eventually will be) a book that chronicles the past 20 years in the NFL by looking at the many personalities who have made the game what it is.

Playmakers, written by a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar, was officially announced on Monday as an eventual publication of Hachette’s Public Affairs imprint. Agent David Black significantly helped me craft the concept, and editor Ben Adams at Public Affairs will significantly help me craft the final product (he may soon regret the assignment).

Look for the book to land early next year. It will be available for presale, and I’m trying to think of something that will entice you to buy it, like going to the plant where the books will be printed and signing all pre-sold copies. (That could work, especially if I sign them, “Tom Brady.”)

Or I could just offer free one-year subscriptions to PFT to anyone who buys the book.

Regardless, you’ll hear about it from time to time because, contrary to the opinions of some, I am a capitalist.