Urban Meyer: “Zero chance” I go back to college like Nick Saban

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Whenever a successful college head coach takes an NFL job, questions are raised about whether that coach will be like Nick Saban, who decided after two years as head coach of the Dolphins that he was better off back in college, and left for Alabama. But when that question is posed to new Jaguars coach Urban Meyer, he says he knows the answer.

Zero chance at that happening,” Meyer told Peter King in Football Morning in America.

Meyer said he doesn’t know why it didn’t work for Saban in Miami, but Meyer says he is ready to commit fully to the NFL. Meyer also says that he realizes he’s not going to win as much as he did in college, where he had two undefeated seasons and six one-loss seasons.

“What Coach Saban went through, I don’t know,” Meyer said. “That’s Coach Saban’s business. I’m not quite sure. At some point, I might talk to him about it . . . he’s a friend of mine and I got great respect for him. It is different. It’s completely different. My mind is set. There’s gonna be some losses . . . That’s gonna be miserable. I hate losing. We all do. But the reality is that you’re gonna lose. Hopefully you win more than you lose. But that’s something that’s gonna be new to me. I have to get my mind right and I’m working on that.”

Saban lasted two years in the NFL and went 15-17. Meyer is confident he’s going to last longer than that, and win more than that — even if he knows he’s going to lose plenty of games, too.

12 responses to “Urban Meyer: “Zero chance” I go back to college like Nick Saban

  1. What a coincidence, Saban said he wouldn’t be returning to college when he signed with the Dolphins…..just saying.

  2. Saban didn’t have the resources that Meyer will have- #1 pick, 5 picks in the top 65, lots of salary cap space. Saban didn’t have a QB. Meyer will have Trevor Lawrence.

    Point being, Saban was stuck in a bad or at the very best mediocre situation. Meyer has everything he needs to succeed.

  3. Urban spending a bit too much time in front of the press and a bit too little in trying to understand the subtleties of professional football vs. college.

  4. “Meyer says he is ready to commit fully to the NFL.”

    Commit fully? I guess there is a first time for anything.

  5. Groom “sunshine” into the next tb12 and you’ll be just fine. Those losses you speak of will be few and far in between.

  6. Zero chance this is the truth . When Meyer speaks to a reporter he hears Jack Nicholson’s voice in his head saying you can’t handle the truth .

  7. The title of article is missing the word “don’t.”
    Long time college coaches always return to college, especially if they don’t luck into an ideal situation with an NFL team. Even with Lawrence as the incoming quarterback, there is zero certainty that he will stay if they struggle or gets a lucrative offer from another big time NCAA program.

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