Bruce Arians gets Super Bowl LV tattoo


Bruce Arians is indeed a man of his word.

He promised to get a Super Bowl LV tattoo if the Buccaneers won it. They did, so he did.

I got mine and I love it!” Arians said in unveiling the large piece of body art on his upper back on social media.

Based on the positioning of the tattoo, it looks like there’s space for a symmetrical companion on the right side of his upper back — if the Bucs win it again.

The ultimate boss move, of course, would be to go ahead and do it now. If fans can do it (and they do), why shouldn’t the coach of the Buccaneers get a Super Bowl LVI championship tattoo before the season begins?

9 responses to “Bruce Arians gets Super Bowl LV tattoo

  1. This guy makes Rex Ryan seem like a non-toolbag. He’s the Joe Maddon of the NFL.

  2. You go Bruce! we love this guy in Tampa Bay, first coach in 20 years thats done the job.

  3. How is Bruce Arians a tool. Not a single player that he has ever coached has ever uttered a bad word about him. Players love him, the Bucs love him. The team seems like a fun group and make no mistake – Tom Brady isnt he only reason why they resigned all their guys ok. People generally enjoy coming to work because they like their boss and the culture that’s been created. As an insufferable Falcon fan with a lifetime of PTSD from 28-3 – I’m jealous at what’s been built, they have not one but two superbowls, (I’d be happy with one) and I’m jealous of their god darn stupid boat parade. We need to create that fun winning culture here in ATL in a city that to me should be just as attractive to players as Tampa

  4. Man, I don’t want to know where Tom Brady would put his next tattoo if he did this.

  5. I can’t see why anyone would dislike this and I’m not a Bucs fan. Good for you, BA!

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