Bruce Arians says Bucs are open to picking a QB at No. 32

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If you ask head coach Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers’ mostly successful bid to bring back the core of last year’s team for another run at a Super Bowl leaves them in an enviable position heading into the draft.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Arians said that this is the first time in his long coaching career that he’s felt his team is going into the draft without a drastic need to fill on the roster. He said he’d like to add players with speed to the defense and physical players on the line of scrimmage, but is open to going another direction at the top of the draft.

Arians was asked about the possibility of drafting a quarterback with their first round pick and said that would be on the table if he’s the best player available.

“If the right [quarterback] guy is there that we think is a developmental guy that has the upside that outweighs the five guys we’re looking at . . . sure,” Arians said, via Rick Stroud of Tampa Bay Times.

Tom Brady signed a one-year extension through the 2022 season earlier this year and the impression he and the team have given off is that they’d be willing to continue on a similar basis as long as Brady feels he can play at a high level. That makes it hard to know when they might need to make use of another quarterback, but a look at the Patriots shows there’s some history of turning Brady’s backups into other assets down the line.

10 responses to “Bruce Arians says Bucs are open to picking a QB at No. 32

  1. Poor Josh Rosen. Went to the 49ers to play behind a fragile QB, but now they’re going to draft someone who will likely leapfrog him on the depth chart. He should have stayed with the Bucks.

  2. The Bucs are flying high now, but if we say Brady is the pilot of the Bucs and he eventually parachutes out of the plane, you better hope there’s a trained co-pilot (QB) ready or else that plane will crash and burn. Just ask New England… crashed and still burning.

  3. I haven’t even thought of Josh rosen in a while. Remember how he said he was going to make the league pay for him getting drafter 10th overall. That seems like such a long time ago.

  4. I’m sorry but I can’t help it folks. This is going to be a painful year for the Bucs. They’re getting everyone’s best shot every single week, and Brady will be injured by week 8, and possibly done for the year, and maybe his career. He’s been playing on a bad knee, and those smoothies won’t be able to stop the inevitable

  5. As jcdough says, they have to have a plan for the post-Brady years, and I agree, they’d be foolish not to. New Orleans is staring down that reality right now. It didn’t look like Hill developed the way they hoped, and now they are rolling the dice on Winston. It’ll be interesting to see if Sean Payton can adapt the system to suit the needs of those two QBs. Arians/Leftwich are not as adaptable as Payton, so if he finds a guy who will fit into their system, they should jump at the chance.

  6. Come on Mac Jones… fall to the Bucs…
    let him learn from Brady a reliable work ethic and with his accuracy and football I.Q. the Bucs will be set at that position for many years!

  7. At some point, Brady will show his age. As a Bucs fan, you hope that will be a long time, but it’s enviable. Father time catches up to all of us. The coaches don’t think Ryan Griffin is the answer, and Blaine Gabbert is not either. Gabbert is only there because of his past relations with Ariens at Arizona. The Bucs will have to address the QB position post Tom Brady. You rarely find a great QB in free agency. The Bucs got lucky with Tom Brady signing. This would be a great time to draft a QB for the future and let him learn from Brady.

  8. Go ahead and draft a QB at 32, and then start taking bets on how long before Brady pushes him out the door.

  9. Taking a QB would be foolhardy for the Bucs. If they think they are all set across the roster they are delusional. Not only are there areas that need improvement, but injuries can derail SB dreams in a hurry. They have a couple of years left with Brady. They need to not kid themselves that they are some genius organization destined to be a dynasty. They were 7-9 before Brady came along. Make hay while the GOAT shines.

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