DeVonta Smith wanted to show his hand is not an issue

Auburn vs Alabama
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Wide receiver DeVonta Smith made a late change in plans on Tuesday and did some drills at Alabama’s Pro Day workout after originally planning to watch from the sideline.

Smith injured his finger during the national title game in January and did not do any on-field work at the Senior Bowl as a result of the injury. After running routes during Tuesday’s workout, Smith explained why he shifted gears at the last minute.

“Really just sitting down, having a talk with my mentor, seeing what was best,” Smith said, via Mike Rodak of “People were having questions about my hand, so showing my hand is not an issue. . . . My finger is alright.”

Smith said he got a bit carried away once he got into the mix, but that the main takeaway was that “it felt good just to be out there and show everybody” that he’s doing fine after the injury

5 responses to “DeVonta Smith wanted to show his hand is not an issue

  1. DeVonta Smith is a fantastic athlete and I wish him nothing but success in the NFL, but 170 lbs…I’m afraid he’s gonna get snapped in half. I’m guessing the question every team is asking themselves is how far he can bulk up before he’s no longer who he is.

    I have similar fears about Lawrence, who looks too wiry and lanky to withstand an NFL beating. But we’ll see.

  2. Desean Jaclson was 5’9 3/4 and 169 lbs at his combine. Is the all time NFL leader in long TD receptions and 2021 will be his 14th NFL season. Charles Rogers was 6’3″ 220 and kept breaking his collarbone. He lasted three NFL seasons and lost his life to pain killer addiction at age 38.

    Size matters little when it comes to career longevity or effectiveness. If a guy can play, a guy can play.

    People told Darren Sproles he was too little for football his entire life. Just finished a 14 year NFL career in 2019. Dude was 5’6″.

    Just sayin’.

  3. I’d be more concerned he bagged out of a National Championship with a broken pinkie.

  4. Desean Jackson should not be your example of a small receiver who stayed healthy in the NFL. How many games did he miss?

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