Difficulties in forecasting kept Lions from tagging and trading Kenny Golladay

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In the last few years, there have been a number of NFL teams that have used the franchise tag on players and then traded them to other teams for a bigger return than letting them leave as free agents provides through the compensatory draft pick system.

Before this year’s tags were handed out, there was speculation that the Lions could do the same with wide receiver Kenny Golladay. On Monday, General Manager Brad Holmes said that the way “the market was shaping out” led them to the conclusion that it was a bigger risk than they were willing to take.

“We did discuss it and we mulled over it,” Holmes said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I wasn’t joking when I said he was at the forefront of my mind throughout the whole process. But we did discuss those options and it just, there is some difficultly in terms of forecasting that’s involved. So that’s kind of why you probably may see [moves like that are] more prevalent in the NBA versus the NFL.”

Holmes said that the depth of receivers available in the draft and free agency give him confidence in building a strong receiving corps and he’ll likely get a third-round pick in 2022 to further assist roster construction in Detroit.

12 responses to “Difficulties in forecasting kept Lions from tagging and trading Kenny Golladay

  1. I’m not sure which is worse, not being able to forecast when you have had all this time to do so or admitting it publicly? I like the common sense approach that it seems Spielman has brought to the football side of the operation but this screams incompetence both operationally and branding wise.

  2. I don’t think anyone would have traded for him with the tag number for a salary.

  3. “Difficulties with forecasting”? I just put that into Google translate and my laptop started smoking.

  4. When do the Lions do anything right?? According to me they have three Superbowls already because I’m as d3lus!on@l as they come….

  5. They get a compensatory 3rd rounder for him anyways. Nobody was giving up anything higher than a 3rd anyway w that huge salary so it worked out fine for them imo.

  6. When do the Lions do anything right??

    Hiring Brad Holmes, fleecing the Rams in that trade…it’s a good start.

  7. Wise move, the WR market did, and still does, project as flat compared to previous years. Who else is getting that kind of money? They took the far more likely and easier thing to predict, the comp pick.

    Don’t forget the other aspect to this. To do the sign and trade they would have had to fit him in the cap, which would have meant having none to spare, and wait on signing anyone until they got the trade completed….if they got the trade completed.

  8. You say every move the Lions and Raiders do is genius and then the coaches and management get canned and you regurgitate the same non-sense over over and over…..

  9. Hiring Brad Holmes, fleecing the Rams in that trade…it’s a good start.


    When you’re watching Stafford on a playoff team in the playoffs and you’re still counting home many time Goff threw INTs and got sacked…..I hope you remember this ridiculous statement.

    The Lions are complete fools for getting Jared (I’m worse than Trubisky) Goff.

    No surprise there, 65 years the Lions have been failing, l0l!

  10. The Lions traded away their QB, taking on a huge cap with his replacement, then let their best playmaker walk in FA. Smart, real smart.

  11. People are always gonna crap on the lions. Obviously deserve it!! But just with good ole homer mike florio’s little golf clap. It’s a whole new regime give them a chance. Nobody talks about the good things they ve done this offseason. Mike florio talking about goffs horrible contact n relations to getting more picks. Is it really?? he’s getting 23 million for 2 yrs. Plus the rams had to pay his 3 million dollar roster bonus!! Plenty of time to build around n decide on ur next qb. Plus after this yr they’ ll have a top pick n plenty of money n the cap will go up. Also Him joking about missing on wrs in the past so what don’t take one this yr?!? Usually I agree with most of what he says but he sure used his homerism on that segment!! Don’t talk about stealing a pro bowler for a 7th rd pick. As I see it the vikings are trending down with a stale defense and cap strung by an average qb!! Talk about bad qb contracts haha

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