Press Taylor: I absolutely believe in Carson Wentz as a player


Colts senior offensive assistant Press Taylor has been coaching Carson Wentz since the quarterback entered the league in 2016. That partnership will continue in Indianapolis in 2021 after Philadelphia sent its former No. 2 overall pick to the club.

Taylor was Philadelphia’s assistant quarterbacks coach from 2016-2017 and the quarterbacks coach from 2018-2020, so he has witnessed all of Wentz’s NFL highs and lows. And Taylor told Indianapolis media on Tuesday that when head coach Frank Reich asked about the quarterback prior to the trade, he delivered a strong endorsement.

“That was a no-brainer for me,” Taylor said, via JJ Stankevitz of the Colts’ website. “I absolutely believe in Carson Wentz as a player.”

But what went wrong in 2020? Taylor said it was a variety of issues.

“We didn’t do anything well as an offense, as a team,” Taylor said. “You win four games, there’s a lot to look back and say things didn’t go well for us. Certainly everything around him didn’t go well and I think he would tell you he didn’t play his best last season.

“The four years before that you saw what he’s capable of as a quarterback. You saw overcoming adversity, you saw when he had talented players around him, when maybe the pieces were lesser than at times, and the way he could play and elevate those around him.”

Reich set out a similar sentiment recently, saying the quarterback’s 2019 film confirmed to him Wentz “still has it.”

In 12 games last year, Wentz completed 57.4 percent of his passes for 2,620 yards with 16 touchdowns and a league-leading 15 interceptions. He was also sacked a league-high 50 times.

Taylor and Reich were two significant reasons why Wentz wanted to head to Indianapolis in the first place. Wentz will have to reward the confidence both have shown in him with much better performances in 2021 and beyond.

21 responses to “Press Taylor: I absolutely believe in Carson Wentz as a player

  1. Press was the chief enabler of Wentz. If I were a Colts fan, I would not want this guy near the facility.

  2. Funny how teams always think they can rehab just about any player, like Carson Wenz and sometimes they can. However in this case the Colts should have gone after Jamis Winston the free agent. His last season in Tampa he threw for over 5,000 yards, and yes, he threw as many interceptions as touchdowns, but I think fixing the interceptions would have been easier and cost a lot less. Even if he cut them in half, the Colts would have been better off than with Wenz.

  3. I watched a lot of game film after the Eagles losses last season, and while you can argue they had a ton of injuries and whatnot, there was no question that Wentz played badly.

    It wasn’t all on the scheme. I saw many plays where Wentz either took a sack, threw to someone double covered, or just “tried” to run.(god he was so slow last season) while another player was wide open.

    He NEVER threw the ball away when he should have. I still feel like he was changing plays at the line himself and that was part of the problem.

    But yeah, watch the film from last season. Guys were open and Wentz either didn’t see them or couldn’t get the ball to them.

    Maybe a change of scenery will help. I don’t think he ever truly recovered from watching Foles win the superbowl.

  4. Press Taylor: “I absolutely believe in Carson Wentz as a player” TRANSLATES TO “but as a grown man and sincere human being? Not so much…”

  5. I would certainly think my best friend and main reason for my continued employment is a great guy as well

  6. Man Press had everything to do with Wentz and his regression. The Colts may be following the same path of enabling that the Eagles did. If they can keep him from passing more than 10 to 15 times they can still make this work as long as Wentz dosen’t quit over the lack of pass plays.

  7. Wentz has been brutalized not just last year but the last three years behind a horrendous offensive line. Lets not talk about weapons such as Travis fulgham, arcadia Whiteside and the broken down Desaean Jackson along with Alstom Jeffery. I do believe there’s hope for the kid.

  8. “and I think he would tell you he didn’t play his best last season.”

    This says everything. He thinks? The guy that coached Wentz should know he will never say he was at fault for anything last year.

  9. If that was true the Eagles would have gotten more than a 3rd for him. Just be honest and say you didn’t give up too much and you hope it works out. If not, no biggie. It’s just a 3rd.

  10. I’d bet Wentz makes another Pro Bowl sooner than the Eagles make the playoffs. And I’m an Eagles fan.

  11. I wasn’t sure about this at first and still dont know now. However it really doesnt cost the Colts a whole lot to try and work some mojo. I’d rather take this chance than an old Stafford or what the 9ers did.

  12. krag says:
    March 30, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    I watched a lot of game film after the Eagles losses last season, and while you can argue they had a ton of injuries and whatnot, there was no question that Wentz played badly.


    There’s not a QB in the league who will play well when his entire OL goes down. Look how bad Mahomes played in the Super Bowl without his starting tackles.

  13. Mike Vrabel was the happiest guy on the planet when the Wentz deal was announced

  14. Everytime I see an article like this I read the comments. I am amazed at how many bad takes there are. Wentz didn’t have a great year but he is by far the reason for the failure last year. Not a single person has talked bad about him since he left. Players that used to play with him continue to support him. He will play 100 times better in Indy. He was micromanaged in Philly and not everyone takes well to it. Howie was 100% behind the Wentz smear campaign because he wanted to make it easier to move on.

  15. Wentz is obviously a good QB or he wouldn’t have had an MVP type season so early in his career. Playing QB in the NFL isn’t the easiest task on earth. Wentz has done it at the highest level. Sometimes a player and his coach go in different directions, and we kind of pick one to blame. Same deal with Jared Goff. These QB’s that won big at a very young age have a ton of NFL talent. Not just physical gifts, but the right mental makeup too. A change of scenery has helped several QB’s go on to win super bowls and be inducted into the HOF, although nobody was predicting that success the day the trade went down.

  16. I appreciate Wentz is getting a second chance. He played very well not too long ago, and it’s hard to fathom he still doesn’t have it in him.

    One thing I didn’t see in the comments above is speculation about his injury history. He’s broken a bone in his throwing wrist, fractured a rib, tore an LCL and ACL in the same play, fractured a vertebrate in his back, and has had a concussion.

    The LCL, ACL, and fractured vertebrate stand out the most to me, and he really hasn’t been the same since he came back from those. I know he was scrappy in 2019, but he played poorly each week in 2020, and as was mentioned above he looked slow, not to mention rigid. His movements are strange, like he can’t quite run, twist, and throw as naturally as he used to.

    My theory is he’s had some major injuries and his body is not the same. Poor play then compounds the psychological component of his issues, and he’s always been moody and arrogant to begin with. It’s just a tough set of variables consisting of physical and psychological limitations.

  17. It boils down to this: Wentz doesn’t appear to think he did very much wrong. He blames the team and basically muscled his way out. And through all of this, Press Taylor has been his wing man.

  18. As an Eagles fan, 2020 was atypical for Wentz and the entire Eagles team. It was also a pandemic year and a horrible draft by Roseman which sent mixed messages and divided the locker room. I firmly believe the Colts got a top 10 QB and the Eagles are stuck with a QB who is inaccurate and tries to run if his primary read isn’t open. The Colts absolutely won the trade!

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