Report: Presidents’ Day weekend Super Bowls are coming

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As the NFL’s owners prepare to formally adopt a 17-game regular season, Mark Maske of the Washington Post has a tidbit that will make many football fans very happy.

According to Maske, the expanded season will result in Super Bowls being played on President’s Day weekend. Here’s the specific quote from Maske: “Next year’s Super Bowl would fall one week before PresidentsDay weekend. But in other years, the Super Bowl would fall on the Sunday right before PresidentsDay.”

It was believed by many (me included) that it would take a 19-week season to consistently align the Super Bowl with President’s Day weekend. It’s unclear whether the Super Bowl and Presidents’ Day weekend will coincide on a consistent basis.

Fans have clamored for a President’s Day weekend Super Bowl for years, since it will allow many to enjoy the game without worrying about going to school or work the next day. And it will allow plenty of persons of legal age to consume responsibly without having to answer an alarm bell.

The league in the past has had concerns that this could result in increased travel for the weekend, resulting in (for example) a family not watching the game at home but instead watching it with another family, in their home. With advanced techniques for measuring total audience (techniques I won’t even try to understand), those concerns apparently have been alleviated.

UPDATE 12:19 p.m. ET: MDS apparently has cracked the code. Presidents’ Day lands on the third Monday in February, and the Super Bowl will land on the second Sunday in February. Thus, the Super Bowl and Presidents’ Day will line up when Super Bowl lands on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Which is exactly what would have happened in 2021. That happens again in 2027, 2038, 2044, 2049, 2055. Thus, when the league adds an 18th game, those will be the years when Presidents’ Day weekend happens a week before the Super Bowl.

44 responses to “Report: Presidents’ Day weekend Super Bowls are coming

  1. Cater to the drunks and gamblers. I’d venture a guess that the people that get so plastered that they have trouble going to work the next day, that this isn’t a once a year occurrence.

  2. It will hurt the ratings as far as number of households and viewership of commercials. Big reason why the game was never moved to Saturday was to get as many different households to have the game on. Also why the NCAA puts both football and basketball title games on Monday. Not saying less people will watch but more will be at bars and at parties where you don’t watch commercials.

  3. I can’t wait until they try to have a Super Bowl on Valentine’s Day. The NCAA found out that having the college playoff games on New Year’s Eve was bad for ratings, and the NFL will found out that having the game on Valentine’s Day will not go the way they think.

  4. The Super Bowl needs to just be played on a Saturday every year and it’s problem solved.

  5. Not exactly sure where all these people who get presidents day off work.

    My company is fantastic with paid time off and holidays, best of anywhere I have ever worked by far. We don’t get presidents day off.

  6. I like it! Allows people to travel that weekend to watch with friends and family out of town.
    I’m a fan! Those of you who have to work, you would have to work anyway so it changes NOTHING for you so you have nothing to complain about, but that won’t stop ya from complaining…lol

  7. Many people travel and have other plans on Presidents Day weekend because their kids are out of school. It’s better to have a weekend where nothing is on the calendar, (any weekend in February except President’s Day weekend) so the SB is the only activity/event that as the attention of the entire country. Exclusive focus is always better than dililluted focus.

  8. Just move it to Saturday night.
    1) people will drink/party more
    2) The NFL is is worried about the younger audience that they put a game on Nickelodeon, if the Bowl was on Sat night, more kids could stay up to watch it

  9. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to start the season earlier and land the Super Bowl on the Sunday before Monday’s MLK day?……….

  10. Just make the Super Bowl on Saturday night. With the week between games, there is zero logical reason not to do this.

  11. SO glad this article came through just in time for me to mark my calendar for the super bowl in 2027.

  12. Good lord look at all these whiners and complainers – and some of these holier than thou NERDS that have apparently never had a drink a day in their life! Wow you guys, you’re so perfect! I swear there’s always gonna be miserable people out there that are going to whine and complain no matter what

  13. In addition to schools and government offices, banks and financial institutions get President’s Day.

  14. More and more companies are offering Presidents day off, so its not strictly a gov’t and teacher holiday as much as it used to be.

  15. This doesn’t affect parents. We can stay up late, have interrupted sleep and still manage to get up bright and early for work. It’s called being a mature adult. If you need to take off of work the day after any sporting event, get your life together.

  16. I don’t know about you, but my kids go to school and I have to work every President’s Day. It’s a government holiday.

  17. And before you know it, football season will extend into the beginning of Major League Baseball, just like the NBA and NHL.

    Is anyone else sick of all this?

  18. Fans have clamored for a President’s Day weekend Super Bowl for years
    Said nobody ever. Last time I had President’s Day off was in college…

  19. Whatever teams make it to the Super Bowl will be a shell of themselves after all the added injuries from an expanded season.

  20. Everybody should get the same holidays off, it’s pretty dumb how people get the days off making the day extra busy for those that have to work. On the other hand, u can always make changes or use pto/vacation.

  21. The only reasons I can think of not putting Super Bowl on a Saturday is to preserve the tradition and the slogan of “Super Sunday.” Having it on Saturday make sense for logistical reason, really.

  22. I thought everyone got President’s Day off from work. Some of you need to find better jobs.

  23. If they’re eliminating a pre-season game, why wouldn’t the season just start earlier?

  24. Never had a presidents day off in my life. That said, the nfl sounds more and more desperate every year. It is like they are trying new things to get people to watch. Well, hate to break it to the nfl, but they lost a lot of die hard fans by showing wokeness. Why would any company or corporation turn their backs on half of their customer base because they feel pressured to get woke?

  25. joelmiller23 says:
    March 30, 2021 at 12:46 pm
    Good lord look at all these whiners and complainers – and some of these holier than thou NERDS that have apparently never had a drink a day in their life! Wow you guys, you’re so perfect! I swear there’s always gonna be miserable people out there that are going to whine and complain no matter what


    Whining about people whining. Hardly a new concept here, but no less amusing.

  26. Who cares. More and more people are not watching now and it will be worse then. The NFL is slowly dying.

  27. Fans have clamored for the game to be on a Saturday, when we can make it a full day event that lasts into the evening. Lots of people don’t have President’s Day as a holiday, so this doesn’t do that much.

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