Super Bowl LVI lands on middle Sunday of Winter Olympics

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup - Day 3
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Football is finally in the Olympics. Sort of.

For the second straight cycle, NBC will be televising the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics in the same month. This time, with an extra week in the regular season, the Super Bowl will land in the middle Sunday of the Winter Olympics, in Beijing.

That’s what will happen in February 2022, with NBC carving out a large chunk of that middle Sunday, February 13, for Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

“We have been in constant communication with our partners about this change, and we’re excited for the unprecedented opportunity of presenting the American audience with the two biggest events in media simultaneously,” NBC said through a spokesperson. “We will promote the Super Bowl during the first week of the Winter Olympics, and we’ll promote the second week of the Winter Olympics during the Super Bowl. It’s a win for us, our partners, advertisers, and certainly viewers.”

Super Bowl LII happened in Minnesota a week before the commencement of the Winter Olympics. As part of the Super Bowl rotation, NBC was scheduled to broadcast Super Bowl LV in Tampa, but NBC and CBS swapped games, giving NBC another chance to televise both events.

35 responses to “Super Bowl LVI lands on middle Sunday of Winter Olympics

  1. Yawn. WHO watches the Olympics these days? Olympics with professional athletes cannot compare with 60’s & 70’s. The dream team was fun for some but it will never match victories like what happened in Lake Placid.

  2. The Olympics are a joke anymore with the tape delays and shoddy coverage, and (professional) amatur athletes, so it would be interesting to see the ratings comparisons.

  3. Should be a ratings bonanza … or it could backfire as NFL popularity has declined recently.

  4. Well that sucks for the business that owns the TV rights to the Olympics, they will probably only make a lousy 500 million. Suckers!

  5. I stopped watching the Olympics when they started drug testing as my fantasy of watching an athlete spontaneously during competition was crushed.

  6. So many insular and uncultured people on this thread bashing one of the biggest international sporting events in the world. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are much much bigger than the Super Bowl

  7. Olympics kinda died 4 me (at least winter olympics) when I realized most athletes were just a bunch of spoiled rich kids who’s parents could afford the training (US, at least). Also, please get pro hockey players off the ice.

  8. I was done with the Olympics once all the blatant corruption occurred.

  9. Who cares about the olympics anymore anyways???? NFL is king, the winter Olympics barely gets more viewers than the WNBA …..

  10. Quit dissing the winter Olympics. Figure skaters, the luge, ski jumping, Hockey and curling! What’s not to like.

  11. The Vikings should try out for the curling team. Then they might actually have a chance at winning something.

  12. Hmm, watching the Giants in the super bowl or the Olympics…that’s a tough one.

  13. So you are uncultured if you enjoy football more than the Olympics. Maybe you would enjoy football more if you understood it.

  14. The Olympics were much more interesting during the Cold War. Now with globalization, we don’t have enemies anymore other than ISIS and they don’t field a team.

  15. Olympics lost me along time ago. I stopped watching college football a few years ago. NFL seems to be next. This 17 game schedule is a MISTAKE!

  16. I will enjoy both. I’m a diehard football fan, but I really do enjoy the winter games. Love all the skiing/snowboarding events, speed skating is badass too.

    I would also entertain agreeing with the poster who said the Olympics are bigger than the Super Bowl. Maybe not in America, but globally for sure. The Olympics always tends to bring out names you never heard of rising to the occasion. It will be interesting to see who will the next stars. To take the argument a little further, the SB this year was basically a dud unless you’re a hardcore Bucs fan. Hard to make an even comparison with one event over in 4 hours while the other is a 16 day event.

  17. Eight hours of Winter Olympics coverage will definitely get me through the next four years, no problem. Time to bid a fond adieu to that relic of a day gone by.

  18. I just hope the Super Bowl doesn’t conflict with any snowboarding halfpipe competition.

  19. The economic model has changed. NFL and Olympics are essentially pay-per-view, stored on your local hard drive that is inside your provider’s box. So you only pay to view one thing, or perform your own “tape delay.”

    The old model was based upon mutual respect and equal access. The new model is pure greed, to squeeze the consumer. The FCC is merely a frequency band auction house.

  20. I love both events, but I wonder which broadcast will manage to cram in more advertising content? The competition will be tough.

  21. I wish they’d push the season back at least a month, the weather in September and early October is great so I’m usually out of the house.
    Breaking up the silly March madness stuff would be a bonus as well…

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