Teams can start offseason programs on April 19; No word on in-person work

Minnesota Vikings go through drills during OTA
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The NFL has informed teams when they can begin their offseason programs, but some significant details remain up in the air.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the league sent a memo to all 32 clubs informing them that the first phase of their offseason programs can begin on April 19. Teams with new head coaches have been given an opportunity to start a week earlier than other teams in the past, but that will not be the case this year.

Not included in the memo is whether teams will be able to gather in person for meetings or on-field work this offseason. Neither was allowed last offseason, but there have been small groups of players working out or getting treatment at facilities since the end of the 2020 season.

The NFLPA and NFL are talking about how to approach those questions. PFT reported this week that the union is pushing for another virtual offseason in those conversations.

6 responses to “Teams can start offseason programs on April 19; No word on in-person work

  1. Get every player and coach vaccinated and let’s get going. As the great George W. Bush once said “this isn’t rocket surgery”.

  2. Just test them and get them working out together. BTW, I seriously doubt that all players and coaches will get vaccinated. If the NFL follows the populace its likely that about 25% wont get the vaccine.

  3. So after a year of paranoia, how many NFL players or coaches does of Covid last year?

  4. After looking at the “quality” of games last year, they should be offering discounts on tickets when the games resume this fall if the teams have another patsy off-season of work.

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