Tony Buzbee won’t provide information regarding Deshaun Watson to Houston Police Department, after all

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Attorney Tony Buzbee has said that he intends to provide evidence regarding his clients’ claims of sexual assault against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Houston Police Department. He hasn’t. In a social-media post made on Tuesday night, Buzbee explains the decision not to do so.

“Our team has been roundly criticized because these numerous brave women haven’t filed formal criminal complaints with HPD (although we have provided info to other organizations),” Buzbee said on Instagram. “Here is my worry. When I ran for Houston mayor against the CURRENT mayor, I called for the resignation of the former police chief. I was thus reluctant initially in these important cases to provide info to HPD, at least while Art Acevedo was the Police Chief — even though my brother-in-law is a long-term HPD officer. Mr. Acevedo has now left Houston for Miami. Yet, I’ve since learned that my legal opponent, Mr. Hardin, has a son who is on of the exclusive Command Staff of HPD. I am not saying in any way that Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, Mr. Hardin, has a son who has a position that would compromise HPD and its investigation. I support his service, along with all Houston police officers — I think the rank and file know that. But, I am saying that me and my clients will go elsewhere to provide our evidence to investigative authorities. Stand by.”

This is the first that Buzbee has said regarding any hesitation he has when it comes to providing information to the Houston Police Department. It also seems odd to think that the authorities would disregard or overlook claims made by 19 different women based on factors other than whether the authorities believe, based on the evidence provided, that a crime has been committed. Buzbee isn’t one of the victims; he’s their lawyer. The notion that the Houston Police Department would take a dim view of his clients’ efforts to seek justice simply because of the identity of their lawyer takes cynicism to new heights. (It also suggests that the best interests of these women arguably would be better served by hiring different counsel.)

Buzbee prefaced his comments regarding his concerns about the Houston Police Department with the following message to the media generally: “This is our legal team’s response to the hundreds of requests we have received at our Houston office for comment; even though we have an extensive staff, your inquiries are overwhelming! We will continue to conform our conduct to the ethical rules for lawyers in Texas. We take our obligations very seriously. We will say this once, and encourage those inquiring to pay attention to our public filings, rather than lawyer statements in the media. These Deshaun Watson cases continue to mount; we filed two more public cases today.”

Deshaun Watson has denied any wrongdoing, and the cases (barring a settlement) will be processed through the court system and, eventually, taken to trial.

93 responses to “Tony Buzbee won’t provide information regarding Deshaun Watson to Houston Police Department, after all

  1. It seems to have been another attempt to extort money, but Watson didn’t fall for. Obviously Watson thinks the truth is on his side. So far, I haven’t caught Watson in any lies. I can’t say the same for this other guy.

  2. I think we can stop taking this attorney and set of claims seriously. He’s just looking for a payout.

  3. I have no idea on the guilt or innocence of Watson. But as an attorney, it appears Buzbee is running fast and loose, trying to try these suits in the media (big mistake), and comes across as a self-promoting air bag.

  4. “We will say this once, and encourage those inquiring to pay attention to our public filings, rather than lawyer statements in the media.”

    Funny that he says that seeing that all he is doing is making statements in the media(Instagram and Twitter), while constantly contradicting his self every step of the way. If this is indeed true then this women need to quickly drop his as their lawyer, because this he’s making this look like nothing but a money grab.

  5. Lol…

    When your case is strong…pound the facts!

    When your case is weak…pound the pulpit!

  6. Listen, if he is alleging that Watson is a sexual predator he better do all he can in conjunction with law enforcement to get this guy off the streets. I even have to question why he has waited so long to come forward with the numerous allegations allowing other women to be targeted. Something is not adding up.

  7. Sounds like a very smart lawyer who looked at the big picture and is going to do what is best for his clients and not for the public. Eventually, everything will come out and then we can judge what is truth or fiction. Till then is is probably best to wait and let it play out, one way or the other!

  8. Maybe the Texans should have taken a serious offer weeks ago before this hot mess was exposed and now….what? Who is going to bring in this guy with all these accusations on to there team and make Houston’s problems become there problems? He has ZERO trade value now. Teams would put Kaepernick on their roster before they would want this grease fire burning in their laps. Sports is business. Bringing him on your team would not be good for business and NFL G.M.’s and owners know this unless they are extremely desperate.

  9. If he has evidence that he’s not turning over to police, wouldn’t this all constitute blackmail/extortion?

  10. Something smells funny about this… I’m not sure about this Buzbee character, at All!

  11. If you make false statements to the police about a crime, that doesn’t go well. Watson should burn in hell if even one of the claims is true, but this lawyer is sketchy as hell and draws his clients claim into that.

  12. He could provide the information to the Harris County DA (or one of 34 cities in the county) or to the State AG. Did all of the events in these allegations take place in the city of Houston, in Harris County, in the State of Texas? There are 33 other cities in the county (as well as 6 other counties which 10 of these cities are partially in). If so it could be that there are multiple jurisdictions he’d have to file in, which complicates a joinder. If these cases were out of state (it’s not as if his travels are limited to Houston, Texas), that’s another matter.

  13. Buzbee is looking more and more like the stereotypical ambulance chaser. He’s full of bluster and makes big accusations, but never backs any of it up. The fact that not one of his clients has previously made a criminal complaint really torpedoes his most outrageous claims.

  14. So I assume this confirms the assumption that the bluster about turning things into the HPD was a bluff to force settlements. I’d guess a settlement is now in the offing so Mr. Buzbee is laying the groundwork as to why the turnover of info to the HPD never occurred. Stay tuned to hear nothing from anyone now.

  15. He was NEVER going to the police. That was ANOTHER attempt to turn up the heat on DW. He is losing it because he was SURE that this would have been settled by now. Tony will be lucky to come out of this still able to practice law.

  16. Because he knows all he has are indecent exposure cases. Big difference between exposing yourself and sexually assaulting somebody.

  17. It’s ultimately the victims decision to cooperate with the police, not their attorney in a civil lawsuit.

  18. I am not casting any judgement on these women. It is very possible they are telling the truth. BUT, they are doing themselves no favors with this lawyer. That justification for not working with HPD is the most convoluted nonsense I’ve ever seen.

  19. Do what you say you are going to do or don’t say it. Not being good for your word raises question to the validity of your case and your integrity.

  20. Why is it the longer this goes on everybody involved just looks bad? I don’t see a real person to root for except the women that have been fairly credible so far.

  21. This doesn’t pass the smell test. Mr Buzzbee has been the center of quite a media circus and me saying that has nothing to do with the claims of the women involved. He repeatedly makes this case about him, he continues to hold press conferences and give updates much like a PR firm would yet he acts as if he were to go through normal challenges all these people might influence things against him. He mentions mayors, opposing counsel, opposing counsels family. I’m in a paradox now. The number of complaints makes me not really believe Watson sorry to say and Buzzbee seems like PT Barnum who passed the bar exam. Is the truth even in this case somewhere? Buzzbee makes me think we will never see it with his antics coloring things

  22. Sooner or later we are going to find out just how much a player can sue a franchise for.

  23. So Buzbee is an ineffective lawyer and forgoes criminal justice because he ran against some people in charge and had no business taking the case or there is no evidence?

  24. Sleezy is an understatement to describe this guy. He gives lawyers a bad name.

  25. Buzbee is a fraud, a shameful human being whom is inevitably gonna get sued for at least $300M. Utterly disgusting!

  26. This is way bigger than HPD. Some cases crossed state lines. Sharing info would jeoprodize their current case.

    HPD needs to conduct the own investigation from scratch if they desire.

  27. Is anyone else bothered by every one of the alleged victims being represented by Buzbee? I’d represent myself before I’d let him be my lawyer.

  28. Whether all the women, some of the women, or none of the women’s stories hold water, one thing is certain in my mind, now Buzbee appears to me to be very suspect and an ambulance chasing lawyer.

  29. The approach of Buzbee is somewhat confusing, if not questionable from an ethical and legal standpoint. From day one, he piles up civil complaints, making a big splash publicly, without having filed any of these, and letting know in the process, that he intends to file criminal charges.
    Now, he is backing up, implying that HPD might not have an objective stance, which is by itself defamatory, by throwing in arguments related to himself, while he ran for mayor, to the former Police Chief, and even to relatives of Hardin in HPD.
    Like Mike Florio said, these women would be better served by somebody else.

  30. So, he’s not giving evidence to the police because that would take away attention from him. Got it…

  31. So, Buzbee has confirmed two things… First, this is all about him. His clients, the alleged victims, are just props in his one-man show. Second, he’s not about to let a case that has so far been fought entirely in the court of public opinion get muddled by things such as evidence or facts.

  32. The women need new council, this Buzbee guy has lost all credibility in my eyes at least. If this is even close to what we have been hearing then Watson has real issues that need to be addressed by a judge which would probably be some sexual assault classes. A settlement will not help Watson get better, it only makes the current complaints go away.

  33. I always find it extremely interesting when a high-profile attorney holds daily press conferences swearing that he (or she) has in his possession unassailable evidence proving the validity of his client’s claims….while continually finds reasons (excuses?) for not making this “evidence” available to investigators or anyone else.

    If not for the impeccable and morally upstanding reputation of their profession….I’d almost be inclined to question the attorney’s integrity and whether any of this so-called evidence actually exists or if the whole thing is a complete sham.

  34. If these women really have a legit complaint, they need to get a different lawyer right away. This guy is a clown. He is making these women look really bad.

    He literally said “im not saying the Houston pd is dirty, but the Houston PD is dirty”

    I dont know whats true and whats not true, but i do know this guy is clearly a terrible lawyer abd appears to be using these women to either a. Gain fame for himself or b. Hurt Watson.

    Not texans fan, i have no interest in my team trading for him. No skin here. Just an outsiders view.

  35. Hes stated his evidence is a slam dunk, which means he’s got nothing… extortion gone wild!!!

  36. Turn it over to the Harris County Sheriffs Office and let’s get this rolling already.

  37. I think if this was any other lawyer other than this Buzbee character I’d totally think Watson was guilty. The more this Buzbee opens his mouth the more I question everything.

  38. This has seriously become a s-show. So the entire HPD won’t do their job because of 1 person that works there? Wow.

  39. I certainly hope this isn’t just a smear job, but it has some elements of sleazery that really make me think it may just be a smear job.

    Something is not right here.

  40. Everything this lawyer does is for money and notoriety for the lawyer not justice for “violated” women

  41. Smells like the guy still wants to be the mayor and is walking the political tightrope.

  42. Then why say you were going to do this in the first place? Weak answer. A better answer might be that the decision to make a criminal complaint rests with each individual woman, that we will help and assist them in any way we can, and that the incidents occurred in many different suburbs (presuming they did) and will be reported to those departments. Instead, Buzbee looks foolish be saying basically that Hardin’s son is crooked and the police dept in Houston doesn’t like me.

  43. Well, if Deshaun’s attorney Hardin has a son that would be on the HPD committee looking into the case or have any influence in the department whatsoever, that does cause a conflict of interest.

  44. Couple ways to look at this. If attorney turns over possible criminal evidence he loses some control over the process. 1) The evidence can be scrutinized and deemed to be of little evidentiary value, or a classic “he said-she/they said”. Just because something is hard to prove doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but that is how the media experts will try and spin the “lack of direct evidence.” 2)Once the material has been turned over it actually makes the negotiating more difficult, especially if ANY of these cases have compelling evidence or testimony. How do you sign NDA’s and shut down these cases (with compensation to all) if the cases go viral? Watson can receive a multi-game suspension even if he’s ultimately found “not-guilty” or isn’t prosecuted due to bad publicity and a violation of the CBA. Bad behavior, while possibly not criminal, is still embarrassing to the NFL. 3) If he is set to receive a suspension anyway, why would he negotiate to settle for millions, especially if criminal charges are unlikely due to lack of direct evidence.

  45. Buzbee impresses me as an ambulance-chasing shyster. He’s conducting negotiations in the press and ruining Watson’s reputation. This is disgusting especially if Watson isn’t guilty.

  46. Regardless of the circumstances and innocence or guilt or anything, this is EXACTLY the wrong way this whole situation should’ve been handled. Buzbee looks like his entire intent is to create a media circus and crucify Watson in the court of public opinion. He’s already lied about HPD contacting him, but now he doesn’t trust the HPD? Nonsense.

    It’s ridiculous and he is not serving the best interests of the accusers by looking so inept.

  47. Rounds 1 through 5 may have been won by Buzbee, but round 6 just went to Watson.

  48. It takes a lot of chutzpah for this publicity hound to complain that media inquiries to his office are overwhelming. And no lawyer should put his clients in a bad position because of the lawyer’s self-perceived personal issues with law enforcement.

  49. “(It also suggests that the best interests of these women arguably would be better served by hiring different counsel.)”

    Best comment of your post, Mike.

  50. Listen, if this turns out to be a bunch of BS, this lawyer and all these “victims” need to be prosecuted. A false accusation should be treated the same as the act.

  51. There it is. There is no evidence that could be used against Watson in a court of law. It is painfully obvious now, that this is nothing more than a money grab. Horrible attorney. If these women are actual victims, this attorney makes it hard to believe.

  52. tdskinz says:
    March 31, 2021 at 8:51 am

    This is starting to sound fishy…
    Oh NOW it’s starting to sound fishy to most people?

  53. Buzbee is looking more and more like the stereotypical ambulance chaser. He’s full of bluster and makes big accusations, but never backs any of it up. The fact that not one of his clients has previously made a criminal complaint really torpedoes his most outrageous claims.

  54. Yea – 20+ complaints and not a single one wants to talk to the police. The lawyer involved is claiming that the police are crooked and therefore can’t be trusted…but he can. That’s comical.

    I think it’s more likely that no-one wants to be convicted of filing a false police report.

    This is shameful.

  55. My opinion of Buzbee just dropped a few more notches. My opinion of Watson is unchanged.

  56. (It also suggests that the best interests of these women arguably would be better served by hiring different counsel.) —————— It really doesnt. If 1 of the women wanted/wants criminal charges filed then it wouldnt be in their best interests to keep Buzbee but until/unless 1 is pushing for criminal charges then this means nothing. It’s no different than if Buzbee had an issue with a judge or another lawyer but that judge or lawyer werent involved in the case.

  57. Lying or providing false information to the police or FBI is a felony. He better be sure that the information is accurate or he gets his clients in trouble.

  58. None of us know for sure what the truth is. However, if this is just a money grab, it’s absolutely criminal what has happened to Watson. If the allegations are true, then it it to a court of law, not the court public opinion.

    This is beyond fishy.

  59. Just reading about case this makes me feel unclean.

    The whole thing seems dirty from every angle.

  60. Through these statements, Mr Buzbee sounds less like an actual attorney and more like an unpopular teenager, desperately trying to get people to follow his Instagram posts.

  61. Another day, another social media release about his case, and oh look – it continues to be all about him …

  62. Smart move. Better to get money before a potential not guilty record could get into civil suits as evidence. Civil suits only require a “more probable than not” decision for Watson to lose.

  63. Tony Buzbee wants his clients and himself paid as soon as possible. In most of the cases there did not seem to be criminal behavior. If Deshaun Watson were to be indicted on one of the criminal complaints then his source of income and paying for the settlements could be cut off. Does anyone really think it’s a reach that Buzbee would tell his contracted clients that there would be a quicker pay day by not filing a criminal complaint!

  64. So when does this trace back to the Texans? And when can Watson sue his eventual former team?

  65. I’m of two minds on this: the fact that Hardin’s son is in a position to spike the investigation should be of concern to Buzbee. We all know police are humans and are not as pure as the wind driven snow. However, Buzbee seems to have a bit of a carnival barker reputation and maybe the women would be better served seeking other legal counsel.

  66. This doesn’t change the fact that 21 cases have been filed with other lawyers incoming (SI reported).

  67. It’s as stupid to jump to the conclusion that Watson is innocent because the evidence has not been submitted to the HPD as it is to assune Watson is guilty because 21 separate civil suits have been filed.

  68. I’m in no way dismissing the allegations. I do think that all 21 women need to be represented by someone acts like a professional. This guy is not helping.

  69. A guy like Tony Buzbee no doubt has a history of Saul Goodman-esque scams in his legal history.

  70. Buzzbee doesn’t care about any criminal proceedings there’s no money in that for him. He gets paid in a Civil case so the girls would have to file a complaint with HPD for a criminal case to proceed. This as with most things seems to be about money.

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