Mike Zimmer appears unconcerned about Danielle Hunter’s injury, contract

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Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter reportedly isn’t happy with the contract he signed in 2018. Hunter’s position, though, is complicated by the fact that he’s rehabbing a neck injury that kept him out of the 2020 season.

Mike Zimmer said Wednesday he has not talked to the two-time Pro Bowler this offseason, but the Vikings coach appears unconcerned about Hunter’s injury or the star player’s mindset.

“Well, I know he’s talked to Andre [Patterson, co-defensive coordinator and line coach],” Zimmer said, via Mark Craig of the Star Tribune reports. “I have not talked to him. He’s been sending back videos of his workouts, and they’re very, very impressive. So we’re excited to get him back on the field.”

Hunter’s’ deal averages $14.4 million per year, ranking 17th among edge rushers. According to the story from Chad Graff of TheAthletic.com, as of two weeks ago, Hunter had not ruled out a holdout or a trade demand.

Zimmer did not address Hunter’s contract situation or a potential holdout, according to Craig.

“He’s a great team guy; he’s a terrific player,” Zimmer said. “And he’s one of the best people that I’ve been around in professional football.”

The Vikings missed Hunter last season.

Hunter, 26, earned Pro Bowl honors in 2018 and 2019 after making 14.5 sacks in each season. He has 54.5 sacks since the Vikings made him a third-round choice in 2015.

10 responses to “Mike Zimmer appears unconcerned about Danielle Hunter’s injury, contract

  1. I’m sure once he shows he’s healthy and still a premium playmaker the Vikings will take care of any future contract issue.

  2. Of course Zim is unconcerned about Hunter.

    He’s got a new offensive coordinator to drive away.

  3. A happy healthy Danielle is critical for the Vikings. The moves they’ve made in Free Agency combined with a happy, healthy Danielle, this could be a really good defense.

  4. Will this be the year he proves his worth and earns back his respect, we shall see..

  5. Hunter is the one guy who could pour cold water on Zimmers’ hotseat. You’d think he’d be a little more accommodating.

  6. Pay this man!
    Danielle Hunter demands to be the highest paid defender in the NFL, and why not, he’s made 2 whole pro-bowls.

    But honestly, Hunter has “embraced the suck” in Minnesota.
    He’s taken on the mantle, wearing the wretched stench that only 60 years of losing can bring.
    The losing culture that’s become the signature of Minneapolis football.
    He’s done it begrudgingly and with only a few complaints.
    He should be commended.

    The time has come.
    Pay This Man!!!

  7. Zim is the Head Coach. He is not the GM. He is not the trainer. He coaches who is on the field. So, no, he isn’t concerned about the job he isn’t paid to do. Hunter will show up, he will show he is healthy, and then the Vikings will take care of the contract. And it will not be on the 2021 salary cap. Most players know this is not the year to scream “pay me”!

  8. Bottom line is I love Hunter, but he can thank Zimmer and even more so Andre to his success. I want to say pay the the man, but the cap says no way unless you want to screw yourself. Even so, he is worth 2 first round picks and anything less than that means keep him on contract

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