Outgoing Houston police chief on Deshaun Watson: “We stand ready to investigate all allegations”

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Attorney Buzbee had said he’d present evidence of alleged misconduct by Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Houston Police Department. On Tuesday night, Buzbee abruptly abandoned that position, claiming that potential biases related to him and/or to Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, have caused Buzbee to not share the information with the HPD.

Outgoing Houston police chief Art Acevedo, who eventually will leave for the same job in Miami (if he hasn’t already; frankly, that part isn’t clear), responded to our story regarding Buzbee’s change of heart with this: “Mr. Buzbee can cast all the baseless assertions about the hard working men and women of @houstonpolice he wants, but he can’t run away from history and the truth of the professionalism of our men and women. We stand ready to investigate all allegations.”

Acevedo also linked in his tweet a story from 2019, in which Buzbee thanks the Houston Police Department for making three arrests in connection with a burglary of Buzbee’s home.

Buzbee said Tuesday that he believes that his failed campaign for mayor, which included calls for Acevedo’s resignation, made him reluctant to provide information to the Houston Police Department. Buzbee also questioned the fact that Hardin’s son has a prominent role in the Houston Police Department.

If Buzbee truly believes that the authorities would compromise an investigation initiated by 21 individuals (and counting) because of petty rivalries or other factors related to Buzbee (and if he isn’t simply making a convenient excuse for not producing evidence to the authorities), those 21 individuals need to ask themselves whether their search for complete and total justice is best entrusted to Buzbee, or whether some other lawyer should be handling their cases.