Robert Kraft: We have to solidify QB position one way or another

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The first year of life without Tom Brady was a rough one for the Patriots as they slumped to 7-9 and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

The team has been busy signing free agents that they hope will allow them to rebound in 2021, but there’s one key spot where they haven’t added any players Cam Newton re-signed with the team and to join Jarrett Stidham on a quarterback depth chart that looks the same way it did last season.

It’s not a duo that has anyone convinced that the Patriots should feel comfortable about the position. Team owner Robert Kraft said on Wednesday that he thinks circumstances have worked against both players before adding that the team knows it is a spot that needs to be solidified.

“We have a situation where at this point in time we’re trying to do what the best thing for us is,” Kraft said, via Tom Curran of “Not sure Cam had proper weapons around him. Not sure Jarrett hasn’t really gotten fair shot. . . . This isn’t something where you get algebraic formulas. Think of all the people who passed on Tom Brady. One way or another have to get that position solidified.”

At No. 15 in the first round, the Patriots may have to trade up to have a shot at one of the quarterbacks regarded as the top players in this draft but, as Kraft notes, they’ve had some success later in the draft as well. Assuming they don’t make a deal for a veteran before the draft, their choice on that front will be watched closely in New England and around the league.

13 responses to “Robert Kraft: We have to solidify QB position one way or another

  1. What if Stidham looks even better than his first preseason and everyone sees it?

    I mean, how funny would it be if he earned the job with everyone saying “he’a not the answer” everyday for 8 months?

  2. On the otherhand stidham is in practice and being observed by BB and others. I dont think the Patriots have given up on him otherwise he’d be gone. Its possible hes just not showing enough to impress the powersnthat be.

  3. I agree. Ask his coach. Biggest gap ever between college and pros. Throws a great pass. Let’s give him a chance to show some balls too.

  4. Well… I will just state the obvious here… It seems Mr. Kraft and Desean Watson would get along like peas and carrots.

  5. Try just waiting until pick 199 or so and take whatever QB is left on your board. It’s worth a shot…

  6. Meanwhile Luck is waiting for a team to take on his rights with the Colts, while Minshew sits in Jax …

  7. Tick tock, Brady got another ring now Bill’s on the clock
    Maybe Hoody ain’t as good as everyone thinks
    Is he playing chess, or tiddlywinks

  8. Actually I’m gonna hold my team’s players to the same standard I routinely hold other team’s players when I troll them. Gonna go ahead and say Stidham is awful because as awful as Cam was BB still needed to have his arm twisted to put him in. And then he was terrible.

  9. There is one “way” that kraft would not consider, and that is giving Colin Kaepernick a tryout. He would rather miss the playoffs again in 2021 then to sign Kap.

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