Rod Wood wants to host the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions
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Lions president Rod Wood remains interested in hosting the NFL Draft in Detroit and is lobbying for the 2024 edition to be held in the Motor City.

We’re hoping to be a serious contender for the 2024 draft and we’re still in the mix for that,” Wood said on Wednesday, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Hopefully we can bring that to Detroit and by then everything’s fully re-opened and we can have hundreds of thousands of people downtown.”

This event has host cities scheduled out through 2023. This year’s NFL Draft is being held in Cleveland. Las Vegas will finally get the chance to host the draft next year after their initial date in 2020 was cancelled amid COVID-19. The 2023 NFL Draft will be in Kansas City.

Wood has expressed a desire for at least five years to bring the selection meeting to Detroit. Green Bay is also one of three finalists for the 2024 edition of the NFL Draft.

After having a yearly home in New York City, the NFL Draft began moving to different cities beginning in 2015. Since then, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Nashville have all hosted the event.

7 responses to “Rod Wood wants to host the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit

  1. If the NFL is going to be fair… they need to let the draft happen in cities that (unless they build a dome) will never host a Super Bowl. Buffalo, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Green Bay, Seattle, Kansas City, Charlotte, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Denver should be the only places to host the draft, which is more than half the cities in the NFL. The remaining 13 cities can or have hosted a Super Bowl.

  2. Winning a Super Bowl should be the #1 priority for the Lions organization. Hosting the draft doesn’t matter whatsoever. Winning a Super Bowl is the only thing that matters.

  3. Green Bay and Detroit would both be great places to host the draft. Really, any NFL city would, and I’m glad they’re going to continue to rotate it like the NHL Draft.

  4. Only if Kid Rock performs! BALL-WITTLE-BALL, baby! Otherwise, Detroit would be a snoozefest.

  5. I love that the draft is moving around the country. It’s another great example of the NFL making its product an event that is sought after. It allows the NFL to give cities that are likely not in the running to get the Super Bowl a big money opportunity. I feel bad for Cleveland that they are going to get a pandemic impacted event. I hope Rooney starts pushing for Pittsburgh.

  6. Well I’m staying away from KC that year, THE PRICES OF THOSE BBQ RIBS WILL DOUBLE

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