Taylor Heinicke thinks it’ll be “a fun battle” with Ryan Fitzpatrick

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The Washington Football Team has signed three quarterbacks to contracts this offseason.

Taylor Heinicke signed a two-year deal, Kyle Allen signed his exclusive rights free agent tender, and Ryan Fitzpatrick joined the team on a one-year contract. Heinicke was the first to sign, but just about everyone bumped him to No. 2 on the depth chart once Fitzpatrick arrived in town.

In a conversation with the team’s website, Heinicke said he’s not in that group because he isn’t ceding the starting job to his new teammate.

“It’s going to be a fun battle,” Heinicke said, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “We’re going to hopefully help each other. I’m looking forward to picking his brain, getting better as a quarterback in that way, and whatever unfolds, unfolds. But, again, I’m excited for the addition, I’m excited for this offense that we’ve put together.”

Heinicke will likely start the season watching that offense from the sideline, but both his history and Fitzpatrick’s history make it clear that things can play out differently than planned.

8 responses to “Taylor Heinicke thinks it’ll be “a fun battle” with Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. It is hard to imagine Ron Rivera putting up with multi-game stretches of Bad Fitz. If Heinicke is the next option on the depth chart he’ll gets some playing time.

  2. Seems to me Heinicke would be a better option for Washington than Fitz who may have a lot more big play ability but also is much more prone to turnovers. This team seems like they could be a serious challenger with their defense keeping them in most games.

  3. I don’t see Fitzpatrick coming out of camp as QB1. Heinicke is too hungry and showed too much at the end of last season to be swept under the rug. This kid isn’t going anywhere.

  4. Fitz magic is the starter till he blows up like always. Heinke seems to be a good QB he will be up next.

  5. Heinke has played only 1 game!!! keep that in mind! Defense is set and this team could make a deep run in the playoffs barring any injuries!

  6. Heinki might be the best on the team but last year allen was playing well also before being hurt. If its an even 3 way battle i think allen wins it.

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