Week Four of preseason will now be a bye week

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With only three preseason games, the preseason nevertheless will begin when it usually does.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy said Tuesday that what was the fourth week of the preseason will now be a bye week. This means that there will be two weeks between the end of the preseason and the start of the regular season.

Under the four-game preseason, all teams typically played the final exhibition contest on Thursday, two days before the roster cuts from 90 to 53.

With three weeks in the preseason, the NFL apparently will try to maximize viewership by clustering the games on weekends.

“One of the hopes quite honestly is that you would have more teams play [preseason games] on Saturday and weekends,” Murphy said.

Murphy still expects final roster cuts to be made on Labor Day weekend. With the preseason ending a week or more earlier, teams could decide to begin making cuts well before the deadline for finalizing a 53-man complement of players.

14 responses to “Week Four of preseason will now be a bye week

  1. Maybe the players need the delay. But as a fan, yuck. If my appetite is whet for the season by the preseason I don’t want to wait another week! Poop or get off the pot, lets go!

  2. I like it. The transition from fake games was too quick. Teams were game planning against their week 1 opponent with a large number of players that wouldn’t be making the cut to their roster.

  3. So contact in practice is rare,there’s one less preseason game,the starters won’t play much in the third game,they’ve got a bye week during the season already. But hey give them a week off between the last preseason game and the season. For what?

  4. seems wrong to me . . . seems like having two spread out byes during the season would be better!

  5. It was a bye week anyway. The actual roster never played week 4 because teams wanted to rest their guys before the first week of real practice so this was just a formality to cancel week 4 altogether.

  6. 17 games will be a massive fail, the only people benefitting from this will be the billionaires.

  7. This actually makes a fair amount of sense to me. There are a lot of roster cuts after that final preseason game, as a well as a lot of last minute players signed to fill in roster holes. Adding an extra week reduces the rush to make those cuts and gives those last minute additions a better chance to learn the playbook and practice before Week 1.

  8. Fans: 17 games is stupid. And so is preseason.
    Also fans: Start the 17 game season already!

  9. covidiots says:
    March 31, 2021 at 11:31 am
    17 games will be a massive fail, the only people benefitting from this will be the billionaires.
    This literally had me laughing out loud. Hey bro, what do you think the billionaires goal is here? It is IMPOSSIBLE for this to be a fail AND for the billionaires to benefit from this. It’s like you have no idea what the NFL’s goal is. Hint: Money.

  10. mogogo1 says:
    March 31, 2021 at 10:43 am
    That’s an odd way of doing it. I doubt that idea sticks long-term.
    Well, in all likelihood it will be 2 preseason and 18 regular season games soon. So, this may be the only season where this exact format happens.

  11. This is an incredible missed opportunity. Just make 2 bye weeks in the season up until week 13-14 now. You are wasting a week for players to get more rest and reduce injury. Let’s add a game but do nothing to help reduce player health, sounds like the NFL to me.

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