Dean Spanos and two siblings say they will not sell the Chargers

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Shortly after news broke that Chargers minority owner Dea Spanos Berberian is going to court to try to force the sale of the team, her three siblings jointly released a statement saying they are confident that’s not going to happen.

In a statement posted on the Chargers’ website attributed to Dean Spanos, Alexis Spanos Ruhl and Michael Spanos, the three siblings said they will keep the team in the family.

“Our parents, Alex and Faye, wanted the Chargers to be part of the Spanos Family for generations to come,” the statement said. “For the three of us the Chargers is one of our family’s most important legacies, just as it was for our parents. Unfortunately, our sister Dea seems to have a different and misguided personal agenda. If Dea no longer wishes to be part of this family legacy, the three of us stand ready to purchase her share of the franchise, as our agreements give us the right to do. In the meanwhile, the operations of the Chargers will be entirely unaffected by this matter, which relates only to the 36 percent share of the team that was owned by our parents. The three of us are entitled to three-fourths of that 36 percent share in any event, and under no circumstances will this situation impact control of the franchise. The three of us will remain firmly united as we seek to fulfill our parents’ wishes to make every decision in the best interests of the Los Angeles Chargers.”

Each of the four Spanos siblings owns 15 percent of the team, and the Spanos family trust owns 36 percent. (Other investors have the other 4 percent.) Berberian says the family trust is deeply in debt, and the only way to pay off the debt is to sell the team.

14 responses to “Dean Spanos and two siblings say they will not sell the Chargers

  1. If it’s such an important legacy for them, you’d think they’d want to do better at it.

    The Chargers are the NFL embodiment of wasting everyone’s time – squandering great QBs, making dubious choices with hiring & firing players & coaches, wheezing out at playoff time, abandoning the city where their truest fan base has been all along.

    Just holding on to the team isn’t a legacy. Do something with it!

    They now have another golden goose in their laps, with the outrageously promising Herbert. Are they going to waste his career as they have those of prior stars?

  2. Terrible owners. Hope for the sake of Chargers fans that they eventually do sell.

  3. Here goes Bezos again!! He couldn’t force the sale of the Washington football team, so now he’s trying to force his way into the Chargers organization. He’s so desperate to own a team it’s getting ridiculous

  4. If it is Bezos pushing, let him come to Chicago and buy the Bears please.

  5. As suggested, they should buy out her share and move on. She will want more money than the percentage is worth, as expected. They should sell, if in debt, but not to Bezos. My guess his interest in football is nil. He or Gates should concentrate on getting the Seattle Supersonics back in the NBA

  6. Hahahahaha, billionaire money problems… distasteful, just like the berbarian wine

  7. If their creditors all of sudden wanted that debt paid they could force a sale of the team, which would make almost all of the Charges fans quite happy.

    If Bezos wanted a NFL football team he could simply hop a bus across Downtown Seattle to Vulcan and write a check for the Seahawks, Jody would probably thrown in the Trailblazers to sweeten the deal. Once they work through all of Paul’s inheritance his Trust will most likely sell all of his teams.

  8. Just how does the family trust of an NFL owners heirs get so grossly in debt?

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