Gerald Everett eager to play with a quarterback the caliber of Russell Wilson

Los Angeles Rams v Washington Football Team
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New Seahawks tight end Gerald Everett is excited about his chance to catch passes from quarterback Russell Wilson in Seattle.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Everett said he’s eager to play with a quarterback that can perform at the level Wilson has shown during his nine years under center for the Seahawks.

“You know I wasn’t able to play with a quarterback like Russ up to this point in my career. I’ve had a different quarterback each place I’ve been so to be able to play with a guy of Russ’ caliber is really exciting,” Everett said.

Everett played at three different school with multiple starting quarterbacks during his college career before being drafted by the Rams in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Jared Goff has been a constant at quarterback

While Jared Goff had some strong moments during his career with the Los Angeles Rams, Wilson has shown to be a greater talent at the position.

Everett said he’s spoken with Wilson already since signing with the team two weeks ago. They are planning to get together in San Diego with DK Metcalf over the offseason to get some throwing sessions together.

“Having a guy like that at quarterback of that caliber and being able to mobilize the offense like he can, I’ve never played with anything like that or anyone like that,” Everett added.

Everett’s career-best game came against the Seahawks in 2019 when he caught seven passes for 136 yards with the Rams.

“I don’t like to really just look at myself solely as a tight end but you know today, no I don’t think that I’ve really eclipsed or reached my peak and I definitely think that Russ and Seattle can assist me in doing so and along with Pete [Carroll] and Shane [Waldron]. But I definitely think I can take the next step in Seattle,” Everett said.

5 responses to “Gerald Everett eager to play with a quarterback the caliber of Russell Wilson

  1. OMG, every time I watch this guy play I wonder why in the heck he’s still in the league. He makes more mistakes and drops more passes than any TE I’ve ever seen.

  2. Man, everyone keeps sticking these tiny, little daggers into Jared Goff.
    Watch… tomorrow Everett’s going to say: ” I didn’t mean that as disrespect to Goff.”

  3. The LAmbs have beaten Seattle consistently with Goff at QB. If Goff is not as good as Wilson, then how come he led the LAmbs to the Super Bowl and he beat Wilson in the playoffs in 2020, while Wilson was unable to advance in the playoffs during Goff’s NFL career? Keep in mind that Wilson has a record of 11-12 when Chris Carson was not playing from 2017 to 2020 and Seattle missed the playoffs in 2017 when Carson missed most of the season with an injury. Goff is more of a pure pocket passer than Wilson. He can stay in the pocket and pick out open receivers all game long, unlike Wilson, who has been blessed with a strong running attack all his career and who needs one to succeed. I would take Goff over Wilson any time.

  4. I wonder if he’s eager to watch Russ run the ball on all those passing downs. He may have wished he had signed anywhere else when he doesn’t get any balls thrown his way because Russ would rather run than pass.

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