J.C. Tretter: 2020 season showed in-person offseason work is unnecessary

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The COVID-19 pandemic prevented NFL teams from having in-person offseason work, and resulted in the entire preseason being canceled. But the league still had a full regular season and postseason, and NFL Players Association President J.C. Tretter says the season proved that players are perfectly capable of getting ready to play on their own.

“It’s important to highlight that information because what it also shows is that we had an extremely successful, competitive season, too,” Tretter said, via the Buffalo News. “And the decrease in practice time, the virtual offseason, the acclimation, all that stuff that was dictated by science to keep us healthy, it worked in keeping us healthy and we had more competitive games, more scoring, higher performance, more parity, more drama than really any year. That’s important to highlight in these discussions that, when we search for answers on how to make the product better and how to keep players healthy, we have the answers we just saw. And we need to continue to build off those answers and not ignore what we just saw, what we just learned from.”

NFL offseason programs begin April 19, and the league and players’ union do not agree about how the offseason should be structured. From the union’s perspective, the 2020 season proved that if offseason work requirements could be relaxed for one season, and that season was played successfully, that’s proof that those requirements should be relaxed for good.

12 responses to “J.C. Tretter: 2020 season showed in-person offseason work is unnecessary

  1. ridiculous statement, especially for incoming rookies. The product on the field for the first 4-5 games was far and away sub par compared to seasons with TC’s etc

  2. Where is the injury data for 2020 to compare with previous seasons and show the players were actually healthier? Otherwise I would agree with Bruce Arians when he recently said the push to reduce or even eliminate the offseason is really just a way for veterans to protect their jobs. It would make it harder for younger and cheaper players to develop and take the place of higher priced veteran players.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what the future brings regarding off-season programs. Seems it should be optional.

  4. Holy crap no it didn’t!!!! Is this guy kidding me?? Look at the rookie class around the league which struggled extremely badly thanks to a virtual off season with no in person workouts or OTAs, no team meetings no position group meetings. No practices leading up to training camp or in season. All of that not only took its toll on the rookies but it also took a very serious toll on the veterans as guys were making mental errors early on in the season due to a lack of classroom time together, guys were getting injured and dealing with more soft tissue injuries thanks to a lack of physical preparation. Guys fundamentals off were at a higher clip leading to more penalties due to a lack of practice and drills drilling the small things into players minds. To say the 2020 off season showed in person work is unnecessary shows me and everyone else that you haven’t been paying attention and number two your amazing (surprisingly, actually) unqualified for your job and you should be removed immediately, like yesterday. Guys don’t get better at their jobs by playing slash practicing it less, common sense tells you that JC especially the young guys coming into the NFL who badly need these practices and walk throughs to learn the fundamentals of their positions, to master the small things, to learn how to survive an NFL Locker room and what the NFL Culture is all about. All of that happens by spending time in and around NFL Locker rooms and practice fields.

  5. Union talk is union talk. I always think that the owners let the MORE money overrule what is good for the game. I know that some coaches used to coach and train to the detriment of some players health and well-being but – not having enough padded practices and too few practices and to few OTAs etc has allowed the game to deteriorate quality wise especially on the defensive side – open field tackling, pass rushing etc even offensively pass blocking and working as a unit. These skills are honed and refined during actually being on the field. No need for 2 a days but be with the team and on the field and in the film and workout rooms.

  6. He has to say that. I would’ve loved to see how Miami would’ve done with all the rookies they played if the had a full off-season. Started 1-3 before ending 10-6.

  7. buckdaddy24 says:

    April 1, 2021 at 8:48 am

    It’ll be interesting to see what the future brings regarding off-season programs. Seems it should be optional.


    Dude, in case you haven’t been paying attention, it already is optional. Veteran players routinely go for the exact reason this guy doesn’t want the program at all. If they choose not to attend, it gives opportunity for a younger player to take the job of a guy who isn’t attending.

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