Jason Licht won’t be joining the Tampa Bay tattoo parade, yet

Today - Season 62
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Multiple members of the Buccaneers have gotten tattoos to commemorate the team’s Super Bowl championship, including coach Bruce Arians (but not quarterback Tom Brady). One member of the organization who won’t be getting a permanent reminder of the accomplishment is G.M. Jason Licht.

“I have nothing against tattoos,” Licht told reporters on Thursday. “I think they’re cool. I didn’t get one. Maybe next year. Maybe next year, I’ll get a face tat.”

He was kidding about the possibility of a Tysonesque gesture. (Then again, he does live in Florida.)

“I need to think through it a little bit,” Licht added. “What I’d want and where I’d want it.”

Again, the ultimate all-in play would be to get a Super Bowl LVI tattoo now. With so many sports figures willing to make verbal guarantees to the point where they’re meaningless, it’s high time for someone to put their epidermis where their mouth is.