Johnathan Abram: Raiders defense will make strides in 2021

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Raiders have made some significant changes to their defense heading into 2021, starting with hiring coordinator Gus Bradley.

Since head coach Jon Gruden’s return in 2018, the team’s defense has been its weakest point — finishing 32nd, 24th, and 30th in points allowed.

But adding Bradley and signing players like Yannick Ngakoue and Quinton Jefferson, third-year safety Johnathan Abram is optimistic about the unit heading into 2021.

We’re going to make strides. As a whole, as a group. As DBs, linebackers, D-Line … the entire core,” Abram said, via Sam Gordon of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The biggest thing, we’ve just got to buy in, play for each other, play for the silver and black, and we’re going to be OK.”

Abram is a part of that core that needs to significantly improve in the upcoming season to turn the Raiders into a team that can make the postseason.

12 responses to “Johnathan Abram: Raiders defense will make strides in 2021

  1. So is Abram going to learn to cover and tackle by wrapping up and not trying to make a highlight reel with every hit? That would be a start.

  2. “… starting with hiring coordinator Gus Bradley.”

    Thoughts and prayers to the Raiders defense.

  3. Are they getting rid of him? He’s one of their biggest problems. He’s one of the worst safeties in the league.

  4. he can start by not trying to knock everyone out including his teammates

  5. Tackling? I’d be happy if Abram learned to cover some space so QBs are not dropping dimes over his head.

  6. The Raiders haven’t had anyone who has even approached being a difference maker in games on defense since Gruden out of sheer egomania decided to get rid of Khalil Mack who had won league Defensive MVP while with the Raiders.

  7. Abrams is all talk, no game. He was running his mouth before last season, too.

  8. He needs to learn to cover and tackle before running his mouth. He was one of the worst safeties in football last year, he was graded out as 93 out of 96.

  9. The young guys will mature, and a new coach might help, but the biggest help is the pass rushers they signed. When a QB has all day to throw, superman couldn’t cover the WR’s. Put some heat on and I could cover. That makes all the difference in the world.

  10. And clueless fans blame Carr. The defense is a dumpster fire, and cost them the playoffs last year

  11. “With the 79th pick of the draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Safety Talanoa Hufanga…”

  12. Abrams is just a wasted draft pick. His only real skill is getting under the skin of opposing players.

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