Malcolm Butler: “Kind of amazing” to play home games where I first became known

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
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The first time many people became aware of Malcolm Butler was late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

Butler was playing for the Patriots when he intercepted Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on the goalline as the Seahawks were trying for a go-ahead touchdown. Butler was an undrafted rookie that year and would go on to win another Super Bowl with the Patriots two years later before getting benched in a Super Bowl loss to the Eagles after the 2017 season.

Butler signed with the Titans as a free agent after that game and spent three years with the Titans before getting released this offseason. He signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals, which means his home stadium will now be the spot where he made his first big NFL splash. Butler said that wasn’t on his mind when he signed, but it’s something he appreciates now.

“I actually wasn’t really thinking about it like that,” Butler said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “A lot of people have just been mentioning it to me over and over, though and it is kind of crazy that I’ll be playing a lot of home games where I first became well known and made one of the best plays in Super Bowl history. It’s kind of amazing.”

While the stadium wasn’t a factor in his decision, Butler said that the presence of players like Budda Baker and DeAndre Hopkins helped convince him to join the NFC West squad’s pursuit of its own signature Super Bowl moment.

15 responses to “Malcolm Butler: “Kind of amazing” to play home games where I first became known

  1. It went to his head. It did. It’s why BB walked signed Gilmore and then found JC Jackson. It’s what he does.

    If BB doesn’t sign him, get him ready and play him, promote him in the sb, this guy is a nobody without millions.

    So strange how the person who gets them their millions is magically not given the credit.

  2. Malcolm Butler ‘twas an excellent addition to the roster by Cards GM Steve Keim. Butler is still an excellent well above average CB who’s only available because he was a cap casualty posting an overall grade of 71.6 last season with 4INTs and pass coverage grade of 81.3 with an overall grade of 74.1 since 2018. That’s a huge upgrade over what’s left of Pat P. AZ just freed up over $15M+ in cap space and rumor is they’re in talks to sign Quinton Dunbar which with one of the leagues best young safety duos and one of the NFL best elite pass rushing front 7s a move like that would make a lot of sense and give AZ a nasty pass rush between Malcolm Butler, Byron Murphy, Quinton Dunbar and a healthy Robert Alford who’s a very good #2 coming off of a string of bad luck. AZ could still then draft a guy like Caleb Farley or Jaycee Horn in RD1 giving them an insanely gifted pass defense heading into 2021.

  3. I’ll always be grateful for his SB play (greatest single defensive play in history?). He seems like a solid guy all around but wow was he a an extremely fortunate product of BB’s system. In Tenn he was rated as one of the worst CB’s in the league, consistently. He thrived in BB’s system with way more talented players around him and top level coaching. As soon as he left the nest he crumbled. Wish him the best in AZ but I am curious to see how he does, way less pressure this time around.

  4. The other person who doesn’t get the proper credit on this play is Browner who had come from Seattle and recognized what the play was going to be. He directed Butler to the spot he needed to be and cut off the attempted pick by Seattle.

  5. Welcome to the Valley. You’ve got a great team and great city rooting for you. Every goal line situation (at home) will be another possible Malcolm Butler moment.

  6. A great play in super bowl history, admittedly

    But best ever? Come on, the only reason it happened is because Pete Caroll called a bone head play. And Russell Wilson put the icing on the cake.

    Good play, great play perhaps? But it didn’t require much that any above average corner didn’t have the tools to also make.

    Greatest would be a play that nobody else can make.

  7. K, the pick itself was not the greatest “play” per se, however, it literally won the game and launched a second dynasty. Without that play they certainly do not win that game. I know the Rams won their SB with a stop of the Titans at goal line I think, in ’99? That would be up there as well, but that was a 4th down stop I believe.

  8. Malcolm Butler and that SB interception brings back memories of the one year dynasty.

  9. People talk about the play call all the time that cost the Seahwaks…

    The true fact of the matter.was it was a great play by Butler… but it wouldn’t have mattered if the Seahawks executed… they did not…

    Wilson, and the two relievers failed to execute correctly.

  10. joeb says:
    April 1, 2021 at 1:57 pm
    Malcolm Butler and that SB interception brings back memories of the one year dynasty.
    Good point. Not only did his pick ignite a 2nd Pats dynasty it ended hopes for a ‘hawks dynasty dead in its tracks. Sherman’s long mug on that play will always go down in the annals.

  11. So strange how the person who gets them their millions is magically not given the credit.


    If Pats had lost to Ravens in divisional round (they should, thanks to the lousy defense), if Brady had scored only 24 points, there would be no throw, and no INT.

  12. He also gets 2 chances in 2021 to play Seattle and intercept Russell Wilson again, to show that it was not a fluke. The Butler did it. And he can do it again and again. I wonder how Seattle fans will treat him when he plays in Putrid Sound Stadium up in Seattle.

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