T.Y. Hilton: Carson Wentz has some “Andrew Luck traits”

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T.Y. Hilton had strong chemistry with retired Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. The two were a part of the same 2012 draft class, and their performances helped lead Indianapolis to four playoff appearances over the QB’s career.

But as Hilton returns to the team that drafted him on a one-year deal for 2021, he’s now preparing to play with another new quarterback in Carson Wentz. And apparently Hilton sees a little bit of his former QB in Indianapolis’ newest passer.

He has some Andrew Luck traits,” Hilton said Thursday, via Stephen Holder of TheAthletic.com. “He can get out of the pocket and make plays. …. A special talent.”

Hilton added that he and Wentz had been in contact since the trade went down in February and that Wentz told him, “I want you to be here. I want to throw passes to you.”

Wentz may have displayed those traits as recently as 2019, but part of the reason why Wentz was sacked so many times in 2020 was because he held onto the ball for too long to try to make plays that weren’t there. Wentz was brought down a league-leading 50 times in 12 games in 2020. Houston’s Deshaun Watson was second on the list with 49 sacks in 16 games.

Still, if Hilton and Wentz can develop the kind of connection Hilton had with Luck, then the Colts will likely be thrilled with the results of the blockbuster trade.

18 responses to “T.Y. Hilton: Carson Wentz has some “Andrew Luck traits”

  1. Andrew Luck traits? From a pure football standpoint I’m not sure I’d take that as a compliment.

  2. Not interested in football?
    Travel abroad all offseason vs work with teammates?
    Do explain TY!

  3. You gotta love some comments on these articles. Obvious not Colts fans! Hopefully, if Wentz learned anything from last year, he’ll get with the program that says “get rid of the freaking ball when under extreme pressure!

  4. Andrew Luck was solid, consistent. Carson Wentz not so much: highly volatile, streaky, erratic performer. Jaw-dropping displays of skill for a few weeks in a row that make you think he’s the second coming, and then lots of the opposite, too: terrible football decisions, and a total lack of an awareness of the importance of the fundamentals. You never saw Luck display the latter enough to ever become worried.

    And with Wentz, these displays of the good and the bad were so extreme that you couldn’t even believe it was the same guy.

    I think anybody hitching their wagon to Wentz has to understand that without a thorough checkup from the neck up, you’re gonna have to live with the fits as well as the feats.

  5. Is playing behind bad offensive lines a trait of the quarterback?
    It will be interesting to see how Wentz responds playing with a more stable line. Either the naysayers will be proven right or there will be a lot of crow on the menu this fall.
    It’s just too bad that the Colts organization only got better once Luck retired. Would have been better to see him play without the fear for health, but the retirement was well earned given the severity of his injuries he absorbed while there was chaos between the front office and coaches.

  6. I think that Hilton and other Colts know that Carson Wentz is fragile mentally… Wentz doesn’t have what is most important to be an NFL quarterback: mental toughness. He is fragile. When the going gets tough, Wentz quits. I’m pretty sure that many of the Colts players have talked to the Eagle’s players. Carson Wentz will fail in the AFC because leaving the weak NFC East has spoiled Wentz. The Eagles clearly didn’t have a handle on Wentz’s psyche, even after four years in the organization. Again, Wentz has shown himself to be incredibly thin-skinned, but the Eagles put themselves in a position of needing to manage him when they made a $128 million investment. They failed miserably.

  7. To clk55amg36, so you know Carson Wentz, right? Or, are you just bothered by the fact that he is no longer your starting QB?

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