Bengals well represented as Penei Sewell impresses at Pro Day

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Quarterbacks could be the first four picks in the 2021 NFL draft, which means the Bengals, picking fifth, may have their choice of all the non-quarterbacks. Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell could be their man.

The Bengals, who spent the first overall pick in last year’s draft on quarterback Joe Burrow only to see him get injured behind a shaky offensive line, sent their top two decision makers (director of player personnel Duke Tobin and head coach Zac Taylor) to Oregon’s Pro Day today. Sewell looked good.

Sewell measured at 6-foot-5 and 331 pounds, and according to NFL Media he had a 5.09-second 40-yard dash, a 28-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot, 1-inch broad jump, plus 30 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press. Those are all good numbers.

At just 20 years old, Sewell may still have room to grow and improve as an athlete, but he showed today that he’s already very much an NFL athlete. He was also one of the best linemen in college football the last two years, and no one should be surprised if he’s a Top 5 pick.

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  1. They may trade their pick to another team that needs a quarterback and move down. I would not be suprised. if Carolina or New England would trade up to pick a quarterback as the fifth overall pick, although the Bangles did refuse Frisco’s offer to trade their pick.

  2. I don’t think you can rule out the Jets drafting as long as they still have Darnold.

  3. This is just an obvious pick. You need Joe Burrow to thrive. You have a chance at a dominating LT. With Burrow/Sewell the WR you pick in Round 2 will be an All-pro as a rookie.

  4. Only the Bengals would use yet another 1st round pick on an offensive lineman.

  5. I’m so tired of all the Bengals fans suddenly saying pass on sewell for chase or pitts. Those guys might make a greater impact on ticket sales, but anyone that thinks adding Reilly Reiff is enough on the line is fooling themselves. Protect burrow with that first pick, otherwise the receivers are only going to have time to get about 4 yards down field. Reiff is on a one year deal, sewell or slater can play guard for a year like whitworth did as a rookie. AJ Green was a stud here for a decade, where did that get the team once the O-line fell apart? Same place Pitts or Chase will get them.

  6. Miami is in such a good spot that if 4 and 5 don’t go out way (Pitts and Chase) this dude is our consolation prize. Lol.

  7. 331 lbs. and 28 in. vertical. What does that register on the Richter Scale when he lands?

  8. Dude is a monster. I get the appeal of re-uniting Burrow and Chase, but Sewell is absolutely the best pick if he’s there.

  9. Doesn’t matter who the QB is if he doesn’t have time to throw the ball. Draft the kid and plug him in at LT for the next decade. Double up with a guard in round two. Give Joe Burrow 5-6 seconds to throw the ball and it really doesn’t matter who is running the routes at WR. It is hard to cover an NFL receiver for that amount of time. Sewell would also open up the running game which will open up the passing lanes and play action.

  10. Chase and Pitts are tempting for obvious reasons, but if the best tackle prospect since Joe Thomas in 2007 falls into your lap at 5 (and Sewell absolutely is that) and your franchise QB is coming off an ACL, you have to take him. This is a no brainer, even for the Bungles.

  11. Hopefully this was just due diligence. Don’t get me wrong, love Sewell and all. However, I think they can stay put at 5, and get Pitts or Chase.
    Then pick up Alex Leatherwood early in the 2nd round. Leatherwood is a 1st rounder and it would be a solid pickup. Win/Win.

  12. Ask the Bucs how much good left or right tackle is worth. Tristan Wirfs made a huge impact as a rookie. Turned our decent O-line into a major strength. With them peaking in the playoffs where Brady was barely scratched.

  13. bostonblows says:
    April 2, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    Miami is in such a good spot that if 4 and 5 don’t go out way (Pitts and Chase) this dude is our consolation prize. Lol.

    Even as a Bengals fan, I admired how Miami maneuvered around in this draft. Got a ton of picks and they’re still going to wind up with an elite talent at #6. That said, I’m pretty happy the Bengals got Burrow instead of Tua.

  14. A great young QB does you no good in the trainers room, build an Oline to keep him healthy

  15. Sewell isn’t even the best OL in this draft. Watch. Chase needs to be the pick as Bengals can get OL in 2nd round.

  16. The Bengals seem to already have average to above average OTs on the roster between Reiff and Jonah Williams, who’s still growing and improving as a RT in the NFL. Seems to me it’s the Bengals interior OL that is garbage, they should of been players in the FA OL market n tried to land a center like Hudson or Linsley.
    All that said why not rebuild the interior OL. Why not trade back in round 1 and land an extra 2nd round pick and then take the USC RG Vera Tucker, or draft someone like Pitts or Chase and then treaded back in RD2 for an extra 3rd and fake Creed Humphrey at Center and the best OG available in RD3. Rebuild that interior OL into a nasty dominant interior that can impose its will, the tackles aren’t great but they’re not problems they’re average tackles. The interior is garbage n is a weak spot.

  17. hawkkiller says:
    April 3, 2021 at 1:03 am
    The Bengals seem to already have average to above average OTs on the roster between Reiff and Jonah Williams, who’s still growing and improving as a RT in the NFL. Seems to me it’s the Bengals interior OL that is garbage, they should of been players in the FA OL market n tried to land a center like Hudson or Linsley.
    Reiff is on a one year deal. The Bengals are winning nothing in 2021 so this pick is for the future. Reiff also said he expects to play tackle but will play any o-line position they want so draft sewell or slater and if he beats out Reiff in training camp then slide Reiff inside. Take those other guys you mentioned too if they are there in 2 or 3. Their lack of activity in free agency has given them no choice, they have to come out with 1-2 oline starters in this draft.

  18. So I’ve been a Bengals fan since their first season in 1968; and two particular drafts stand out. The first was when everyone was skeptical about taking Anthony Munoz (at #3) because of his knee-injury history. They took him and he was arguably the best OT of all time. The second was when they actually traded up to #1; I heard about it in the car and was ecstatic because Munoz had retired and Tony Boselli was there, waiting to be his worthy replacement. But instead, they took the shiny offensive weapon, Ki-Jana Carter at #1. Boselli became an All-Pro for a decade; Carter got injured in preseason and was never good again. And the Bengals struggled for years to find a decent LT (they came closest with Andrew Whitworth, who was a second-round pick that a lot of people weren’t high on). The did the same thing in another draft when they passed on Willie Roaf; it just goes on and on. So the moral of the story is to take Sewell if he’s still there at #5. Don’t fool yourselves into believing that they’d be just as good with Reiff and Williams and Chase or whoever; they won’t be. They’d be better with Sewell and Reiff and Williams and they wouldn’t have to worry about their OT’s for another 10 years. At worst he’d be another Whitworth or maybe Jonathan Ogden, either of which would be a huge upgrade; at best, he’s Joe Thomas or Boselli or Roaf and the Bengals get a lot better fast.

  19. Bengals have drafted three offensive lineman in the first round in the last 5 years 2 were busts and the jury is still out on Jonah Williams. They need to draft Chase if available

  20. Hard to pass on Pitts and Chase but gotta take this kid. It’s almost like having to take your medicine because they have ignored the line in free agency

  21. You gotta take Sewell at 5,if he’s available. Would be a great move to draft the best G available in rounds 2+3 as well.

  22. The Ravens should move up and draft him as OBJ’s replacement on the right side. Never going to happen because Baltimore never moves up in the draft, but a man can dream right?

  23. Well, I guess Burrow can spend his upcoming years behind Sewell …or running from him.

  24. I’d love to have Sewell to build for the future but we have 2 good tackles for this year and the Guard spot is better.
    The same things people are saying about how rare a talent Sewell is could be said about Chase. At 19 he dominated the SEC. With those 3 WRs they would have they could keep a TE in to help block and possibly actually win THIS year.

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