Brandon Staley: Like all good players, Justin Herbert knows where he can improve

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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New Chargers head coach Brandon Staley says quarterback Justin Herbert showed a lot in his rookie year, and is only going to get better.

Staley told the Chargers’ website that what he sees in Herbert is a player who isn’t going to rest on his laurels after winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award last season.

“The definition of leadership is do you make other people better. Do you make the people around you better? Do you elevate their performance and can you connect with a lot of different types of people? That’s another thing that I think is a defining characteristic of leadership and I think the way that Justin goes about it is so exciting because none of it’s manufactured. He’s so authentic and I think that that’s what people appreciate about him so much, and I think that now that he’s at the beginning and he’s been able to compete at this level and produce at this level, I think it’s only going to give him more confidence.

“With any type of player in the NFL, confidence is so important. For him to have been able to play like that, I think you know that he belongs and at the same time all the good players know that there’s so much work to be done because there’s a lot that each guy can improve on, and that’s kind of how Justin’s wired and that’s why he’s been so much fun to work with so far.”

Staley’s success as a head coach will depend largely on Herbert’s growth as a quarterback. Staley sounds optimistic.