Kolton Miller was “surprised” to receive extension after third season


Kolton Miller is one of the first members of the 2018 draft class to receive a contract extension, officially inking the deal that comes with a reported $42.6 million guaranteed on Friday.

Miller just became eligible for a new contract following the conclusion of the 2020 season, as he’d finished his third year. He admitted on Friday that wasn’t expecting to be approached about a new contract so soon.

I was actually surprised coming out of Year Three, coming into Year Four,” Miller said in his press conference. “You dream about this when you’re a little kid and through the season. But I’m excited — definitely excited — to continue my career here, continue to work hard and prove the coaches, prove this team that I’m invested and I’m going to continue to get better.”

The Raiders didn’t need to extend Miller now. As a former first-round pick, he was essentially under contract through 2022 with the fifth-year option. But the Raiders elected to forego that route and sign him early. That gives Miller more financial security now, and potentially could save Las Vegas some money down the road if the market value for left tackles continues to rise.

Miller struggled in his rookie year while battling a knee injury. But he’s performed well over the last two years, starting all 16 games in 2019 and 14 contests in 2020.

With center Rodney Hudson traded to Arizona, Miller is now one of the leaders on Las Vegas’ offensive line. It’s a job he feels ready for.

“I try to get together as much as I can with the younger guys. I try to get in extra work. I try to lead by example,” Miller said. “I’m really excited to take this team to the next level and I’m going to do all I can to do that.”

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  1. It’s all about Gruden’s massive ego. Kolton Miller is average at best and could arguably be termed a 1st round bust. But he was a Gruden selection so he stays and gets an extension. Meanwhile Gabe Jackson and Rodney Hudson who were respectively drafted and acquired in FA by McKenzie were Pro Bowl level talents who Gruden recently traded away to the detriment of the Raiders.

  2. If that draft were held today, Kolton Miller would go earlier, and the Raiders would have to trade up to get him. He wasn’t rated as highly as some of the other tackles that year, but has out-played all of them. Great find by the Raiders.

  3. Kolton Miller isn’t Anthony Muñoz but he is far from a bust. Robert Gallery was the bust.

  4. He was “surprised” to receive extension after his third season. Who is Kolton Miller?

  5. That’s the difference between a well run organization and a poorly run organization. A well run organization doesn’t pay a guy 2 years before they have to. He is on his very affordable rookie contract and a lot can change in 2 years. It was unneccessary and the $$ could have been spent elsewhere to improve the team. The Raiders are a poorly run team. This move proves it, amongst many others since Gruden returned.

    Much like the Cowboys, who have been screaming to everyone who would listen that they were going to sign Zak Prescott to a huge contract since his 2nd year. Only a complete idiot states that to the media and they did it multiple times! They boxed themselves into a corner and lost any leverage they had in negotiations. Prescott is a slightly better than average QB who is worth anywhere close to what they paid him, but anyone would hold out for the type of contract he received when your employer has been telling everyone for 2+ years that they were going to give you a huge contract.

    That is the definition of a poorly run organization!

  6. It was a smart move by the Raiders signing him to an extension now. The deal adds 18M per year for 3 years in addition to the 4 Million he is owed this year. It’s actually a 4 year deal averaging $14.5M per year. This for good young left tackle in a down cap year. If they waited another year they would have been paying him a lot more.

  7. Kolton Miller’s ceiling would be slightly below the level of another 1st round OT named Eric Fisher who I understand the Chiefs recently released after an 8-year undistinguished career with that organization.

    But Miller was a high draft pick of the “coaching genius” so he’ll have job security for as long as they keep Gruden around.

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