NFL owners will vote on eliminating overtime in the preseason

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By the fourth quarter of a preseason game, most of the players on the field aren’t going to make the regular-season roster, and no one much cares who wins or loses. So when the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, why do teams bother to play overtime in the preseason?

Soon, they might not.

The NFL is considering a proposal to eliminate overtime in the preseason. The proposal was put forward by the Competition Committee, and owners will vote on it at the upcoming league meeting.

The reason for it is obvious: With the preseason growing increasingly irrelevant, why risk a player getting injured by extending the games?

But that doesn’t mean it will pass, as NFL owners have voted to keep overtime in the preseason on multiple occasions when it has come up at past league meetings. It will take at least 24 votes among the 32 teams to get rid of overtime in the preseason.

27 responses to “NFL owners will vote on eliminating overtime in the preseason

  1. Shouldn’t eliminate it. Playing in OT in the preseason can be a good trial run play calling wise and could highlight some back of the roster guy’s clutchness.

    Modify it? Sure. Do something like, no matter what preseason OTs are just one possession each.

  2. By far that is the best idea to come out of the owner’s meetings in quite some time.

  3. The downside is that it takes away the chance for evaluating players. Coaches also have fewer opportunities on managing overtime.

  4. Now they just have to eliminate them in all games except the playoffs. Ties are part of the system and are okay.

  5. Everyone is talking and acting like the preseason games are useless.
    While the OUTCOME is of no consequence in terms of record, the playing of them is not.
    These live games serve as the best method for evaluation of new players and preparation of existing ones.
    If preseason games were done away with teams would likely schedule scrimmages with other teams so they could get live action and the risk would be the same or worse.
    Anybody calling for the abolition of them altogether just doesn’t understand the NFL.

  6. The 2020 pre-season was canceled due to Covid. It didn’t seem to hurt anything so I, being in the minority “-) , would be in favor of just 2 pre-season games or, for that matter, eliminating the pre-season entirely.

  7. Mandate it! Play 4 14 minute quarters. D then overtime – no matter the score – players get to simulate end of game 2 minute drills as well as overtime – coaches want to see players in those situations and players on the cusp want to show their ability in those … and no one … no one cares about a preseason record … not even Vegas

  8. They should eliminate overtime for the regular season too, save them for the playoffs

  9. not that i would ever waste cash going to a preseason game…but if i did i’d be pissed if it was 14-14 after 4 and they just packed up and called it a day…

  10. Tell that to players close the cut line that preseason games don’t matter. This is their ONLY chance to demonstrate they belong on the team.

    Malcolm Butler was an UNDRAFTED, TRAINING CAMP WALK-ON rookie for the Patriots. Without coaches seeing him in preseason action, they would not have kept him and the Patriots would not have won the Super Bowl that year.

    Anyone that thinks preseason games are useless, just doesn’t understand how to build depth in a team.

  11. The only purpose of OT is to determine the real winner of a game. Considering preseason games not only have half-effort by most starters, but because of the rotation of entire line-ups, its basically like 2-3 games in one and not a determinant of anything, other than a high level practice against foreign opponents. I can’t believe they had preseason OT in the first place. Eliminate it at once!

  12. I can’t believe they even have OT in the preseason at all, for what are meaningless games. But leave it to the NFL to take the least sensible approach.

  13. This was called the “Exhibition Season” for decades…Renaming it “PRESEASON Games” doesn’t make it any less an exhibit….Let’s eliminate the kickoff…but keep Exhibition game OT?

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