Patrick Mahomes: 2021 will be “learning experience” for 17-game season

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NFL owners approved a move to a 17-game regular season schedule at this week’s league meetings and some players have been critical of that decision.

During an interview with Brian Sozzi of Yahoo Finance, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes avoided criticism and said players have “to go out there and adjust” regardless of their feelings about the added game. He added that he will be using this offseason as a way to best prepare for the added rigors of a 17-game season.

“It definitely puts more on your body. I mean, every single game your entire career, you’re battling through something,” Mahomes said. “And I think you see that in every single body at the end of the season. You’re always nicked up a little bit, you always have some injuries and some bruises. And so I think the biggest thing is gonna be a learning experience this next year. I mean, we’ve got to go in with the mind-set of just continue to make ourselves better, and knowing 17 games is how many were playing, and then you’re gonna have the postseason after that. And so I think it’ll be brand new to everybody. Everybody’s want to adjust and try to do whatever they can to prepare their bodies to be ready for it.”

The move to 17 games set up a matchup between the Chiefs and Packers that, assuming everyone’s healthy, would mark the first time Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are in the same game. We’ll find out how deep into the 17-game slate that matchup falls when the schedule is released in May.

3 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: 2021 will be “learning experience” for 17-game season

  1. To a point I get the players not liking the extra game, but also they need to suck it up, it is one game. Tom Brady has played 1.5 seasons worth of games in just conference championships and Super Bowls alone, nobody talks about longevity or the wear and tear there. A player would have to play 20+ years of 17 game regular seasons to have that extra game match Brady’s conference championship and Super Bowl games.
    They get paid a ton, have the best sports science available to them, and with the soft rules and extra game a chance to obliterate the record books.

  2. Maybe for some guys, but Mahomes was already playing 19-20 games a year, not counting any preseason action.

  3. the amount of snaps played over the course of a season can be managed so its close to the same amount of a 16 game season if the coaching staff wants it to be…

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