Report: Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had minor thumb surgery

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had minor surgery on the thumb of his throwing hand last month, according to Jordan Rodrigue of

Stafford said in February that he had a partially torn UCL in his right thumb. The procedure would presumably to address that injury prior to his first season with the Rams. The injured thumb was one of many ailments Stafford was dealing with through his final season with the Detroit Lions.

“I mean, this past year was bad,” Stafford said. “I had the partially torn UCL in my right thumb, I tore my UCL on my left elbow on the second to last play of the Houston game that nobody knew about, trying to stiff arm a guy. That’s why I started wearing a sleeve on my left arm because I had all sorts of tape underneath it, just to hold it in place. I broke my cartilage on my eighth rib in Green Bay. I also tore something [in the back of] my left knee. And then I had a subtalar, right ankle sprain.”

Stafford isn’t expected to miss any offseason work because of the surgery.

Stafford still managed to throw for 4,084 yards with 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last season with the Lions despite the injuries.

9 responses to “Report: Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had minor thumb surgery

  1. Thats your new QB. He’ll be injured all season, straight tell you and the press he’s not. He’ll play poorly through the injury, denying it the entire season. Your team will do badly, he will still claim he’s 100%. Then after 5 and 12 and missing the playoffs, he’ll announce his groin injury that’s been bothering him since week 3. Your welcome.

  2. As a long time Lion fan I’ll be the first to say, you do not have any concerns with Matthews durability. The guy has played with a dislocated shoulder before and won the game, for goodness sake! I will always watch him as much as possible and will cheer him on no matter where he plays. Good luck and enjoy the sunshine Matthew!!

  3. So many reasons he has never won a playoff game. Those should be all fixed now in LA.

  4. He’s tough. But he’s also older and often injured. Rams Super Bowl gamble is one of the best storylines this year. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

  5. Long time Lions fan here. The biggest injury concern for Stafford is his back. He will play through everything else some effectiveness, even if it’s an arm dangling out of his shoulder socket, but the back issues are a bit more significant and did take a toll on his game. Keep him safe, Rams o-line!

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