William Jackson III: Blessing to get away from Cincinnati

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Cornerback William Jackson III spent the last five seasons with the Bengals, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be missing too much about those days now that he has signed with the Washington Football Team as a free agent.

During an appearance on 106.7 The Fan, Jackson said that he’s excited to play behind a strong defensive line in Washington and said that helped convince him to sign with the team. He was also asked about the reception he’s gotten from fans and made it sound like the whole move has been a positive one.

“They’re definitely supportive and excited. Cincinnati, they got some crude fans, man. Misery loves company . . . The Bengals, on the other hand, them dudes, they wonder why they’re not winning,” Jackson said. “I’m happy I’m out of that thing man. It’s a blessing to get away and I wish them the best, but Washington let’s go from here.”

Jackson added that he felt he didn’t get a lot of notice on the national scale because he was playing in Cincinnati. Washington was a playoff team last year and their profile should be even bigger if Jackson plays at a high level with his new team.

23 responses to “William Jackson III: Blessing to get away from Cincinnati

  1. Hey Will – I remember we lost to the Steelers one time because you contorted your body to avoid touching Le’veon Bell on a play that he ended up walking into the endzone on. Listen to a few interviews… this guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. get rid of the owner and you have a better chance to win a playoff game then overpaying for scrubs from cincinnati!!!

  3. Washington WAS in fact a playoff team…because they had to make someone from that dreadful division a division winner, anyone.

  4. You know things must have been bad when you’re celebrating being in Washington.

  5. As a Cincy fan I always hoped he’d the overcome his inconsistency and injuries to become the lock down corner that he flashed at times. Hopefully a change of scenery does him well and with that teams pass rush I’m sure he’ll succeed

  6. His job will be a lot easier playing with the DL in Washington. They are a QB away from being a dominate team. Bengals will never get out of their own way.

  7. Will baby, the feeling is 100% mutual. Happy for you but happier that it was not the Bengals that paid you. Good luck.

  8. Cincinnati is such a terrible organization I guarantee they don’t sign Burrow long term when his rookie contract is up because they are to cheap!!

  9. He is overrated. He makes too many mental errors and is afraid of contact. One play he thought a guy was going out of bounds so he stopped. Guy took off for the endzone. Another similar where a guy went down without contact so he doesn’t touch him and starts walking away.That guy gets up and takes off.
    Also anyone with a good double-move can fool him.

  10. I’d think it’s a blessing for any player to get away from that organization. The Bengals have been a mess since Paul Brown gave up control of the team. The only time it was respectable was when Marvin Lewis was coach. He did incredible even with being hampered by the bumbling front office. I don’t know if the fans are any worse than anywhere else. I used to live in Cincinnati and was a huge Bengals fan but it’s hard to stomach where they are now. Blaming the fans is probably going too far. They are probably frustrated that the Bengals are getting the taxpayers to foot the bill for a lousy football team.

  11. The Bengals are a dumpster fire, and Joe Burrow is just a glass of water. He isn’t enough to overcome a franchise history equal to that of the Washington Generals. The Bengals exist primarily to fall to the turf in slow motion as Steelers and Ravens blow by them for touchdowns in highlight films. And it all starts with ownership. As long as the Bengals are run by those owners, they will have to settle for making the playoffs four times every 20 years. I am happy for the brilliant William Jackson III, who is smart enough to recognize a hopeless situation when he encounters one.

  12. William Jackson was on the national scene after his first season on the field, it looked like he’d be a stud. Then, he started playing like Dre Kirkpatrick. Not sure how many Washington fans he’s met, but that fan base isn’t all that different from Cincinnati – starved for a winning culture under the shadow of a bad owner.

  13. Why does anyone think it is a good idea to say these things? Even if you think it, just keep it to yourself and be happy that you are now on a different team. It really doesn’t say anything about the Bengals or Cincinnati fans. It just shines a light on his own lack of character, smallness and ignorance.

  14. trentdilfer08 says:
    April 2, 2021 at 2:03 pm
    Cincinnati is such a terrible organization I guarantee they don’t sign Burrow long term when his rookie contract is up because they are to cheap!!
    They extended Andy Dalton. Joe Mixon is one of the top 5 highest paid RBs. DJ Reader is the highest paid NT. They extended AJ Green, Geno Atkins, and Carlos Dunlap.

    Go somewhere else.

  15. I usually don’t like to hear a guy taking about his old team, but he’s really close being 100% correct. Sad about the Bengals. Mr. Brown should sell the team or turn it over to his kid.

  16. WFT will quickly realize they got burnt. true colors of WJ111 will rise to the surface my midseason. glad they threw away the money instead of Cincy.

  17. Must be something going on in that defensive backfield cause Mackenzie Alexander also took the veteran minimum to leave and return to the Vikings.

  18. He’s glad to be gone because he didn’t do squat while he was in Cincy. Reminds me of Carson Palmer, “the Bengals suck but I didn’t have anything to do with the suck, it was all the other guys on the team that were the problem”.
    The guy was a disappointment, glad he’s somewhere else.

  19. As a Bengals fan I can tell you that I am glad to see Will Jackson go. Showed promise as a rookie and then was afraid to tackle after he was hurt. Last couple of years he has been average at best and definitely not worth the money he was paid in Washington.

  20. He’s an upper echelon corner in this league.

    Playing at a high Level on a losing team year after year is really hard to do. Now he’s got another guy on the other side as good as him, and a ton of talent on the front. I think he plays really well.

    I’ve always liked his play. The comment above about giving up on a tackle against Pittsburgh was his rookie year, and credit to him, haven’t seen one like that since. It’s ok to make mistakes. Everyone has at least one low light reel

  21. Wow, talk about out of the frying pan, into…well, an almost identical frying pan.

    Ironically, if Burrow would not have gotten hurt playing the Football Team, I doubt the Football Team would have been able to stumble their way into the playoffs in the first place.

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