Saints supposedly “like” Kyle Trask (or they want other teams to think that)

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There’s a “B” side to the mess into which Dan Orlovsky recently wandered by passing along anonymous negative opinions from teams about quarterback Justin Fields.

Teams spread bad things about players they really like in the hopes those players will slide. Teams also spread good things about players they don’t like in the hopes someone in front of them will take that player, pushing down the board a player that the team actually wants.

Thus, we take with a grain of salt any pre-draft reports that a team is “high on” or “really likes” or “covets” or whatever any specific player. Although some teams are indeed foolish enough to let their true assessments slip, the more likely explanation is that the team in question would love to see that player’s stock inflate to the point that he’s gone before the team is on the clock, increasing the chances that someone the team really wants will still be there.

That’s the prism through which we’ll view the notion that the Saints “like” Florida quarterback Kyle Trask as a potential long-term replacement for Drew Brees. With a run on quarterbacks expected at the top of the draft, other quarterbacks could get closer scrutiny as round one goes on. The Saints sit at No. 28. If the idea that the Saints “like” Trask takes root, maybe someone will leapfrog New Orleans, take Trask, and thus not take one of the players at the top of the team’s actual list.

The fact that coach Sean Payton has mastered the art of misdirection — and of generally keeping secrets secret — underscores the idea that, if he actually likes Trask, there would never be a report that he does. Four years ago, Payton and the Saints loved Patrick Mahomes, and no one knew it. During the 2020 season, Payton managed to keep quiet the identity of the starting quarterback after Drew Brees’ suffered umpteen broken ribs until the moment Payton wanted that information to be publicly known.

It would be extremely out of character for Payton to allow his true feelings about Trask or any other players — especially quarterbacks — to be leaked.

Regardless, we all need to have things to report and to discuss in the weeks leading up to the draft. This doesn’t mean that much, if any, of the information circulating from anonymous sources regarding the likes and dislikes of specific teams means much of anything.

24 responses to “Saints supposedly “like” Kyle Trask (or they want other teams to think that)

  1. So basically, since everyone seems to have figured this out, if the Saints really do like Trask, and they say they like him, other teams will think they’re bluffing, and will pass on him and he’ll be there waiting when the Saints pick.

  2. Lets be honest …… no talking head, GM, agent or lawyer has any idea what another team is going to do. If they did they would drop a boat load of money down in Las Vegas and be set for life. Any tidbit of information they pass along is either disinformation they have heard or something they made up hoping it will be disseminated out. It makes discussion but that is all.

  3. Every GM and head coach say they loved a player in a draft that turned out to be a star.

  4. Nothing worse than moving on from a HOF QB. Only. Very few teams get lucky (eg the Packers)- the rest spend years/decades trying to get back what they lost. There aren’t many QBs in history as good as Brees was.

  5. Payton only ‘loved’ Mahomes after he realized how good he was after KC traded up to get him.

  6. He lit up Nick Saban’s big bad Bama D and Kirby Smart’s well coached Georgia Bulldog secondary. Both Coaches expertise is the defensive backfield. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields don’t have the arm talent that Trask has in regards to threading the needle and putting touch on throws. Trask is going in the first round.

  7. Are we putting money on this? We all know the Saints love a good bounty… How much Sean?

  8. Agree with the thought that if Payton likes someone hearing about it would be very out of character so I don’t necessarily buy that angle. As a Gator fan I watched all of Trask last year and he is a worthy prospect and has lots of things to like. Now there is an obvious gap in how the QB talent is viewed in this draft. But once you clear round 1 and that first group is gone, and you get in to the no mans land beyond I think some team that runs more of a pocket QB predominant set up will take a shot. I would bet his floor is a decent back up. Just my opinion.

  9. Trask throws with good touch down the field. Hopefully he goes to a team with a solid OL.

  10. “The fact that coach Sean Payton has mastered the art of misdirection — and of generally keeping secrets secret ”

    I especially liked how he kept all that bounty gate stuff quiet, oh wait

  11. Trask is a 3rd round talent but teams will over reach for qbs so he will go early 2nd round!

  12. I doubt this. When they actually liked a guy in Mahomes, no one knew it until the day of that draft when the Chiefs leapfrogged them at the last minute.

  13. Some of the best QB’s over the last 50 years have been early first round picks. Some of the greatest all time QB’s were not first rounders, including several of the top QB’s still playing today. So it’s pretty obvious that whoever ranks QB’s prior to each draft, is not very accurate at all. It wouldn’t be shocking if Trask becomes the best QB from this class. If he does go on to become a HOF QB, and you go back and look at his tape at Florida, you’d probably smack yourself in the head and say why didn’t I just watch the darn tape for myself. Why did I listen to everyone else. Trask does everything you’re looking for in a top QB. He has everything. If you’re looking for the most gifted athlete, you must have missed Tom Brady’s 7 super bowl victories. The QB position is played between the ears, not below the knees. Look at Brees and Brady. Look at Peyton Manning. These guys don’t run for positive yardage, but they have a knack for feeling the pressure, and moving away from it, all while keeping their eyes downfield and locating the open receiver. They’re able to visualize where all the receivers are going to be as the play unfolds. And they do it under pressure. Then they deliver an accurate throw and keep the chains moving. Trask does the same thing. He completes everything, and does it with outstanding accuracy. Are there guys with stronger arms? Of course. Jamarcus Russell could throw 70 yards from his knees, and nobody had a better arm than Jeff George. You might think Sean Payton is trying to throw you off balance by talking up Trask, so go ahead and pass him up. Drew Brees went in the second round, so Payton can do wonders with everyone’s leftovers. The 1983 draft produced Elway, Marino, and Jim Kelly. They were not drafted in that order. Even though Kelly might be the third best from that class, he’s still a HOFer. That’s kind of how I see Trask. This year is loaded with top QB’s, so even the 3rd or 4th best could become a HOFer.

  14. How many teams have had bounties over the years, numerous. How many teams had covid violations last year, numerous. Only constant is the Saints were the only team in the end tire NFL to get docked draft picks in both instances. Not even gonna talk about the worst pass interference no call in history. But but but Godell doesn’t have it out for the Saints….

  15. Bruce Ariens said the Bucs would draft a QB somewhere in this draft. The he said he said the Bucs could draft a QB with their 1st pick in the right QB is available? Was he just blowing smoke too? Some where down the line the Bucs will need a replacement for Brady when he retires. I was thing that QB could be Kyle Trask if he is available. The Bucs were able to re-sign all there good free agents. The Bucs don’t have glaring holes to fill. The Bucs could afford to gamble on a QB.

  16. It’s a double bluff. They really like him, so they say they like him, so people will think they don’t like him.

  17. I dont know if the Saints like him or not but, he does fit well in that system. I’m in the minority but I’ve seen Lawrence play. Hes the best prospect I’ve seen since Luck. I’ve seen Fields play and he is being underrated. Based on what I’ve seen from their college career’s and physical talent. Here’s my ranking on when they get drafted

    1) Trevor Lawrence (rd 1)
    2) Justin Fields. (Rd 1)
    3) Kyle Trask. (Rd 2)
    4) Mac Jones. (Rd 1)
    5) Trey Lance. (Rd1)

    Rest of top 10
    6) Jamie Newman. Sleeper pick
    7) Kellen Mond. Super Sleeper
    8) Davis Mills. Backup
    9) Sam Ehlinger. Backup
    10) Ion Book. Sleeper

    Kyle Trask will be a franchise QB and wont get drafted in round 1. Great value.

  18. Many NFL GMs and coaches lie before a draft, and many lie 20 years after a draft (I had Tom Brady rated as a 1st round pick). Welcome to the NFL.

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