Josh McCown: Sam Darnold would embrace Jets return alongside rookie QB

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When the Jets took Sam Darnold with the third overall pick of the 2018 draft, they had Josh McCown on hand to serve as a veteran mentor for the rookie quarterback.

The two men have stayed close, which leaves McCown with some insight into how Darnold feels about the possibility of the Jets taking Zach Wilson or another quarterback with the second overall pick this year. The older quarterback said he’s seen no “negativity” from Darnold about the situation and suggested all could benefit from Darnold remaining on the roster.

“Can it be done? Absolutely,” McCown said, via Rich Cimini of “In my mind, if you can’t get the value now for him, that’s absolutely how you go about it. I wouldn’t even call it a competition. I would just say, ‘We’re going to go with Sam as the guy and bring Zach along.’ If Sam knocks it out of the park, we’ll re-evaluate where we are a year from now. Sam would embrace it and be helpful, but he’d also go out and work hard and try to make the most of the opportunity to play this year — and put it back on them and make them have to make a tough decision at the end of the year. I think, if that happens, really and truly, everybody wins.”

Taking a quarterback while keeping Darnold has seemed like an unlikely route for the Jets to go, but it may be the way they wind up going if a robust trade market for Darnold fails to develop before or after this year’s draft.

20 responses to “Josh McCown: Sam Darnold would embrace Jets return alongside rookie QB

  1. But when the offseasons began we were reading story after story here how supposedly both Mariota and Darnold were in high demand around the league.

  2. Either that or McCown is projecting his feeling on his own career on Darnold. He’s had a very long career out of the role of “High draft pick who underwhelmed, then embraced the role of young QB mentor”.

    It’s just amazing how all of the predicted question mark QB’s of that draft class (Mayfield, Allen, Jackson) ended up franchise changers and the two that were the most overhyped are nearly journeyman already (Rosen/Darnold). Goes to show, unless your last name is Manning, pre draft hype is where a lot of those QB’s peak.

  3. Darnold probably feels like a million bucks knowing he’s headed out of NY and probably to a contender like Pittsburgh, New England, New Orleans or Washington where he will have greater opportunities to succeed.

  4. I can see a possible trade with Carolina for their second rounder. #39 should still land a starter. It most certainly won’t be New England.

  5. If you dont plan to start the rookie, trade the pic, simple as that. Dont over complicate things.

  6. In this whole Jets debacle the biggest mistake they made was not bringing Uncle Josh back in 2019. He was the best coach Sam has had

  7. I almost feel bad for Sam Darnold but on the other hand he is a USC QB

  8. Any player drafted 2nd overall should be able to be an effective day 1 starter. If he’s not, then the wrong pic was made.

  9. Jets will get a great trade for #2. It will be better that the Dolphins got for #3. Darnold will get better as soon as he has protection as good as Josh Allen has.

  10. the J E T S are a prime example of why awful teams should never draft a QB in the top 10 (let alone trade 3 2nd round picks in order to move to up 3 spots in order to so).

  11. The jets need to trade the pick for a franchise altering amount of draft picks and or players in return and transform that roster before any young QB can succeed there.

  12. It makes sense, as Darnold isn’t making really big money yet. So of course the Jets will do the Costanza route.

  13. Darnold was, and still is rated very highly by a lot of the top organizations. They’re not looking at Darnold as a failure, as much as they see the Jets as a failed franchise. Plenty of super bowl winning HOF QB’s didn’t fare too well with the teams that drafted them, but found greatness with the good organizations that were wise enough to trade for them. Also, I don’t expect the Jets to make the right decision, if they decide to draft a QB.

  14. Would love Carolina to make the Jets a godfather the words of John Lennon ..give Sam a chance

  15. Darnold was overrated coming out of USC and got stuck on the Jets. Talk about a recipe for failure. He might be a middle tier QB in the right situation with good coaching and solid lineup around him but he has already been “seeing ghosts.” That is hard to get beyond. I would not want my team to trade for him.

  16. Why would a robust trade market develop for Darnold? He’s shown absolutely nothing in 3 years. The lack of coaching and talent around him argument doesn’t hold water. Look at Joe Burrow this year before his injury. Nobody would say the Bengals had good talent around him or good coaching, but he looked like a franchise QB. Darnold never has.

  17. Jim Plunkett was a bust in New England, but a huge boom in Oakland. Steve Young was a bust in Tampa Bay, but a boom in San Francisco. Brett Favre was a bust in Atlanta, but a boom in Green Bay. Kurt Warner was worse than a bust. He couldn’t hardly get a tryout. Then he was in other leagues around the globe. Then he was stocking shelves in a grocery store. Anyone who had him rated as an NFL QB was laughed out of the room. Then the Rams signed him to compete for a backup position. Then Trent Green got hurt, and Warner became a boom. Obviously none of these busts turned booms showed enough to stick with their original team. None of them were involved in any kind of bidding wars when they moved on to their boom teams. There were very few similarities with each of these guys I’m talking about. Each situation was completely different. But the one thing they had in common was they looked bad on bad teams, but then looked great on good teams. They looked worse than Darnold looks in New York. Much worse.

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