22nd lawsuit is filed against Deshaun Watson

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Attorney Tony Buzbee has said that he has spoken to at least 24 persons who have potential claims against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. A total of 22 have now filed lawsuits against him.

Via the Houston Chronicle, the 22nd lawsuit was filed on Monday.

The unnamed woman, allegedly found by Watson last November on Instagram, claims that she tried to refer Watson to a licensed massage therapist but that he declined. She contends that she ended the massage abruptly after Watson attempted to bring the woman’s hand closer to his penis.

Watson allegedly paid her $250, according to lawsuit, and also required her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

One person filed a criminal complaint against Watson on Friday. It’s still unknown whether the person who filed the criminal complaint is one of the persons who have sued Watson.

10 responses to “22nd lawsuit is filed against Deshaun Watson

  1. wait, you can sue someone for money for committing a crime before a criminal court case is held? wouldn’t have thought that possible

  2. This young man has an addiction. He needs help, not a multi-million dollar contract. But, in America you pay for your actions, especially if they involve sexual predation. Nobody is immune to it or above the law, no matter how rich or famous you may be. Not even a president is above the law.

  3. I thought we might make it one day without another victim appearing out of the woodwork.

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