Gerald Everett says Seahawks are getting “a mastermind” in Shane Waldron

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New Seahawks tight end Gerald Everett is very familiar with the offensive coordinator he’ll be playing for next season in Seattle.

Everett said Shane Waldron taking the job in Seattle this offseason after four years as part of Sean McVay’s coaching staff with the Los Angeles Rams was one of the biggest reasons he chose to sign with the Seahawks in free agency.

“Well when Shane first moved to Seattle. I mean, you know, obviously, the idea was always there, it lingered in my head,” Everett said.

“Shane has definitely been pivotal in my career and definitely been a mentor and coach. And he’s definitely just shown me the ropes and of course we’ve had that tight-knit relationship since I’ve got in [to the NFL] and it still remains, obviously, and yes he was a factor in my decision coming to Seattle. But also Seattle having a great organization, a winning culture and great players like Russ, DK and you know Bobby Wagner and a bunch of other guys. But just to pinpoint one reason would have to be, if I had to pick one, it would be Shane, for sure.”

Waldron was the passing game coordinator for the Rams before heading to Seattle to replace Brian Schottenheimer as the offensive coordinator under head coach Pete Carroll. But before moving into that role, Waldron was the team’s tight ends coach for Everett’s rookie season in Los Angeles in 2017. He had the chance to work with Waldron up close before he moved into a more prominent role on the Rams’ coaching staff.

Waldron believes the Seahawks are getting a dynamic talent in their new offensive coordinator.

“They’re getting a mastermind,” Everett said of Waldron. “Similar to McVay, I think they and Shane put their heads together and you had the magic that we were able to whip up in Los Angeles. But having Shane in Seattle now, we’re able to see really what he can do isolated away from the group and give him a new set of pieces and just see how he uses them.”

7 responses to “Gerald Everett says Seahawks are getting “a mastermind” in Shane Waldron

  1. A mastermind for Petey to throw under the bus when they go down early in the playoffs once again.

  2. Mind cannot triumph over matter. No OC can turn Russell Wilson into a pocket passer who lights up the scoreboard. Schottenheimer tried early in his tenure but he failed miserably when Wilson got sacked often, so he changed the offense back into a run-oriented, play-action passing offense with a quarterback who scrambles often to keep the opposing defense off balance. As a result, Wilson compiled a good winning record when Chris Carson was healthy but loses more often then he wins when Carson is not in the lineu0. The “mastermind” may try some new offensive plays but it is not possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Old habit die hard. Russell Wilson will go back to doing what he has been doing for the past 9 years.

  3. Seattle’s offense did evolve last year…Seahawks fans were floored the first seven games of the year…yes, Seattle lost steam at the end of the year but there is a blueprint for offensive success….

  4. It will ultimately get to the point where anyone who’s simply had a cup of coffee with McVay is going to be called an “offensive genius”.

  5. Lets hope he brings something new/different as what they have been doing the last few years isn’t getting it done.

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