Jets trade Sam Darnold to Panthers

New York Jets v Los Angeles Rams
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Sam Darnold is on the move to Carolina.

The Jets have traded Darnold to the Panthers in the latest in a series of big moves surrounding quarterbacks this offseason.

The third overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, Darnold failed to live up to the Jets’ expectations that he would develop into a franchise quarterback. This year the Jets have the second overall pick in the draft and are sure to select a quarterback (likely BYU’s Zach Wilson) and that means it’s time for Darnold to head elsewhere.

The Panthers were known to be looking for an upgrade at quarterback this offseason, although it remains to be seen whether Darnold actually represents an upgrade, or whether he simply provides a backup to the incumbent starter, Teddy Bridgewater. There was some talk that the Panthers would swing for the fences with a huge trade for a franchise quarterback, but they may have decided that Bridgewater and Darnold competing for the job is the best they can do.

The Jets are reportedly getting a sixth-round pick in 2021 and a second-round pick and fourth-round pick in 2022 out of the deal.

95 responses to “Jets trade Sam Darnold to Panthers

  1. Good trade for both. Carolina had plenty of weapons and a very forward thinking offensive coordinator. Let’s see if gase was the problem or if Sam is a bust.

  2. Jets are giving up 3 picks including a 2nd rounder next year. Highly doubt they gave up that much for him to ride the bench.

  3. Darnold never had a chance after the Johnsons hired Gase. He may do much better with a coach that has a plan.

  4. Cheap price for the Panthers. I think it’ll work out for both Darnold and the Panthers. I wish the boy luck.

  5. Wow….2nd and a 4th???

    I wish my team would have offered that and stashed him on the bench to take over when Cousins leaves.

  6. Time will tell, but I don’t thin Darnold had a chance in NY. Too bad he can’t stay and prove it now that they finally look like they have some competent people there.

  7. Stupid move by the Jets (but what else can we expect from them). Not sure why the Panthers want to move on from Bridgewater (as he had a pretty solid year last year, the best he’s had in 7 years as a pro). The Jets need OL and WR help. They are not getting all that much with this trade.

  8. WOW! 3 picks for Darnold! Not much this year, but a 2 and 4 next year. Joe Douglas is doing great!!!

  9. Panthers must A) be convinced the Niners are taking Mac Jones and B) Have no real interest in Fields and Lance to make this move.

  10. For that little in return, why can’t the Bears do something competent like this?

  11. Don’t assume Darnold is going to be the starter. The Dolphins traded a 2nd and a 5th for Josh Rosen a couple years ago and he couldn’t beat out Fitzpatrick. Everyone’s making the “he’s never had good coaching” excuse for Darnold, but the reality is he may just be a bust like Rosen.

  12. Pretty sure Darnold is only 23 years old too. He’s basically the same age as these rookies. Great move by the Panthers, they probably had Darnold ranked ahead of whatever QBs would have fallen to them.

  13. Sam Darnold will be much better for Carolina now that he is away from the mess that he was in last year. Gase was and is an awful head coach that almost destroyed Darnold’s confidence and ability to play the position that leads a team.

  14. Darnold is going to light it up in Carolina. Great coach, great running attack, solid defense. Jets might win 6 games this year.

  15. good luck to him. hoped he could figure it out and the jets could build around him but it’s a new team, new start, new QB.

  16. Good for Darnold getting out of the toxic dump that is New York! Jets chasing the next shinny penny in Wilson. Good luck with that.

  17. Disappointed the Broncos didn’t make this move. I would like of seen Darnold Push Drew Lock most likely even take the job from him

  18. Have the JETS finally become “Woke”?

    Good move for everyone. Time will tell if the JETS and Panthers teams will be better for it. I’ll be patient and wait and see.

  19. Jets always seem to remain in rebuild mode !!! Without a winning culture, it is hard to see any talent coming to Jets which makes it hard for any QB let alone those coming out of drafts !!!!

    Hopefully, that trend gets broken here…..

  20. “The Jets being the Jets…”

    The Jets are being run by Mighty Joe Douglas now. The same man I and most other Eagles fans wish was still here running our team. They’re in good hands. Trust the process.

  21. Panthers hoping Darnold will go the Tannehill route where he just needed to get as far away as possible from Adam Gase to succeed.

  22. So now instead of one guy who probably can’t take the Panthers to the Super Bowl, they have two guys who probably can’t take them to the Super Bowl? Well done. The Broncos and Pats just increased their chances of getting a big 5 QB. If they want one.

  23. The Jets fleeced the Panthers.

    They got a #2 (I don’t care if it’s next year, the Jets need a couple more years to rebuild) for a QB they didn’t want.
    Darnold can be better than he was with the Jets, but he’s not good enough to be a starter.

  24. Lynch was interested in Darnold when he took over as GM but then Darnold played poorly as the season progressed. Instead of drafting a quarterback, he traded for Jimmy G. instead. The quarterbacks available in this draft appear to be much better than those available in 2017, so he traded up to the number 3 spot.

  25. Thought they would get a little bit more. He’s automatically worth a 3rd round comp pick

  26. Time will tell how this trade works out for both parties. It’s clear that Darnold needed a change in scenery.

  27. Sam Darnold = Mr. Turnover

    Darnolds always good for an Interception and a Fumble.

  28. To be fair, Darnold had no weapons around him. So he will be better off in Carolina than he was with the Jets.
    The pressure and expectations just got ramped way up on which ever QB the Jets will select in the draft, because Jets fans are sick and tired of not having a first rate QB.

  29. He will find a new way in Carolina.. Like sunshine, lower taxes and so much more. The fans are great. Bill

  30. If you watch the Jets vs Rams and Raiders games last season, Darnold played great, he still has tremendous talent, physical abilities and upside. He looked far better than Rosen did in the games he started the season before. I think he’ll go on to have a lot of success at the Panthers.

  31. A fresh start for Darnold and the Jets’ new coach. Hopefully, it will work out well for both.

  32. Holy Smokes, does anyone in Charlotte wear glasses or know how to evaluate QBs? Birdgewater and Darnold are 2 of the worst NFL QBs in the NFL Today.

  33. Great move for both teams. Darnold should be great with his new team. Time will tell if he’s a bust or not.

  34. Darnold reunited with Robbie Anderson who he’s missed last year. Never a bad word from Darnold, hopefully it works out for him.

  35. There’s only one QB who’s been statistically worse than Darnold the last 3 seasons, and that’s Trubisky, who’s been to the Pro Bowl and the playoffs. He signed for almost nothing.

    Meanwhile the 2nd worst QB is worth a 2, a 4, and a 6? Seems like an overpay.

    All the people saying that Sam went for cheap haven’t actually watched Sam play.

  36. Great trade by the Panthers, the world will see how incompetent Jets ownership, management, and coaching all have been during Darnold’s tenure with the club.

  37. The chances of Lance or Fields falling to where the Pats can trade up for them just increased significantly.

  38. This tranaction practically guarantees that the Jets will pick a QB. The question is which one. Will they pick Zach Wilson of BYU or will they pick Justin Fields or Mac Jones? Trey Lance is probably the least likely pick because he is from a small school and he is considered a project in need of development by many.

  39. You don’t need to swing for the fences to get a franchise QB, when the Jets hand you one for free.

  40. Flash forward three years from now, we shall see the same thing happen to whomever the next wretched soul that the jets draft.

  41. That just confirms the 49ers will pick the 3rd quarterback in the draft: #1-Trevor Lawrence, #2-Zach Wilson, #3-Mac Jones???

  42. The same people who say Justin Fields for sure will be a bust because of where he played QB thinks that Darnold still has potential despite where he played at QB in a similar setup that churns out busts and has shown that he can’t play in the NFL, and no, it’s not all Gase’s fault. Even Ryan Tannehill had a few good years under him before he started getting hurt every year. Make it make sense. Pretzel logic for sure.

  43. Serious mistake by the Jets. They now have no one in house who has significant NFL experience at QB and they probably plan to throw a rookie to the wolves without a decent team around them (as the did with Darnold).

    Darnold is paying for the mistake of hiring Gase as a coach (not his fault) and the Jets are compounding it by making a mistake for 1 decent draft choice (next year) that may pan out.

  44. This opens up all sorts of possibilities. First, the Panthers are off the board for a quarterback. Second, options for quarterbacks 4 and 5 in the first round open up for teams in the middle of the draft. Third, this affect’s Garoppolo’s value.

    Life just got more interesting for Belichick and the GM of the Broncos. Frankly, it also potentially got more interesting for the GMs of the Giants and the Vikings as well.

  45. So the panthers become another team that has two better quarterbacks on their roster than my Patriots. What is BB doing??

  46. I think this is a good trade for everyone. The Jets think that whoever they choose can come in and Justin Herbert/Joe Burrow this and they get some draft help next year. The Panthers get a 23 year-old QB who has started for 3 years and shown flashes but was stuck with an insane clown coach and not much support. He does not have terrible habits to unlearn and with some coaching could easily be a very good starter. Is he a HOFer? Probably not. But he definitely has a better arm than Teddy.

  47. Darnold has CMC to make him look real good (if both sre healthy). He’s not had a solid weapon like that. Add some Oline help and a receiver/TE and he could win ya 10 games.

  48. We have Tom Brady, doesn’t matter what everyone else in the division does. 🙂

  49. If Sam works out for the Panthers, great for them. If not, they’ll be in position to draft one early in two years. But 3 picks? I just don’t know who they were bidding against.

  50. The fact the Jets got more than a conditional 7th for a turnover machine Bust is amazing.

  51. Darnold with a young offensive minded HC makes the Panthers slightly more interesting this year but doesn’t elevate them to Bucs/Falcons level…
    Saints and Panthers will battle for basement of the NFCS!

  52. Im not sure Darnold is an upgrade over Bridgewater but if I had to choose one going forward Id take Darnold. With Bridgewater it feels like you know exactly what youve got, with Darnold theres still hope for a higher ceiling.

  53. Let’s not let it get lost on us: over the course of the last decade, Mark Sanchez has been the most successful QB the Jets has had.

  54. Whose your pick on starting day QB for the Panthers? Thumbs up for Sam – Thumbs down for Teddy

  55. Not mentioned in the article or comments is that Carolina will be paying Darnold $19 million next season on his fifth year option, and after that they will have to decide whether to franchise tag him, give him the latest franchise qb contract, or let him walk.

    Meanwhile, the Jets get a better qb prospect on a 4 year, $33 million deal, and three additional draft picks.

  56. Darnold has been flat awful. What am I missing here? This is Josh Rosen all over again. Awful QB gets traded and some other team has to find out that the stats weren’t lying. Jets were lucky to get anything, and I’m not a Jets fan.

  57. Darnold has no more excuses. He needs to start winning with Carolina and living up to his draft selection. He gets a world class RB in McCaffery and a solid group of WRs. They’ll probably draft OL and WR early, adding some more depth. This trade has chance to work out for both sides.

  58. This trade can bring back some valuable players for the Airplanes. Too bad Sam Darnold didn’t work out in the Swamp but it goes that way sometimes. Better luck to him. Meanwhile Jets are focused on Zach Wilson to lead them from darkness and who’s to say they’re wrong? They’re a club with a lot of holes like Swiss Cheese but you get the feeling here they made a decisive and smart move.

  59. “The third overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, Darnold failed to live up to the Jets’ expectations that he would develop into a franchise quarterback.”


    I think the more honest assessment is that the Jets failed Darnold. Gase admitted that he didn’t do anything to develop him – how is that Darnold’s fault? It’s an organizational failure to take a QB at #3 in 2018 and then be taking another QB at #2 in 2021.

    If the team has failed to improve since drafting Darnold, that’s a much MUCH bigger issue than just the QB.

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