Joe Douglas: Sam Darnold’s NFL story has not been written yet

New York Jets v Los Angeles Rams
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The Jets traded former No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold to the Panthers on Monday, signaling their intent to draft a quarterback at No. 2 overall at the end of the month.

New York General Manager Joe Douglas released a statement following the announcement of the trade, thanking Darnold for his contributions to the franchisee over the last three seasons.

“I want to publicly acknowledge the commitment, dedication, and professionalism Sam displayed while with the Jets. He is a tough-minded, talented football player whose NFL story has not been written yet,” Douglas said. “While all these things are true, this move is in the short- and long-term best interests for both this team and him. We thank Sam for all of his work on behalf of this organization and wish him well as he continues his career.”

The Jets received a 2021 sixth-round pick as well as 2022 second- and fourth-round picks from the Panthers in exchange for the quarterback.

Darnold now has a chance to at least beat out incumbent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to start for Carolina in the upcoming season.

11 responses to “Joe Douglas: Sam Darnold’s NFL story has not been written yet

  1. The best thing that could have happened to Sam … get out of NY even if it’s to the Panthers.

  2. Why did you trade him then?

    Just in time for anything to
    blow another hotshot qb that they’ll fail to coach.

  3. If I were a Jets Fan, I probably wouldn’t be too happy Sam was traded, and I would be wondering about the GM after the weak compensation they received in the trade.

  4. Odd thing to say for a guy that just traded him for peanuts and also saying we didn’t give him a proper chance to succeed here…

  5. Good trade by the Jets. The faithful who were clamoring for the Jets to hire Douglas should have a bit of confidence in him. Nothing wrong with a GM being gracious to a player he just traded.

  6. Its a GREAT deal for the Jets.
    A high #2 can be a good player.
    Darnold wasn’t going to be the starter.
    He has been pretty bad with the Jets, even if you make excuses for Gase and the weak roster.
    With a good roster and better coaching of course he will do better.
    He can be so-so if surrounded with talent.
    Thanks, but no thanks.
    You don’t win with a so-so QB.

  7. A lot of people are of the thought that the Jets got “peanuts” or practically nothing for Darnold.
    I don’t know why they think he would be worth more.

  8. The Jets ruined him. I hope he bounces back and has a tremendous career. He’s a very high character guy and deserves great success. All the best in Carolina, Sam.

  9. Getting drafted by the Jets as a QB is really just a unnecessary stress test. You are either done as a NFL QB or you survive and move on to a better team. This isn’t just a QB thing, Brett Favre almost made a superbowl after leaving the Jet’s after one year and look what happened to Bill Belichick after coaching the Jet’s, things turned out pretty good for him.

  10. I for one will look with sadness at this trade. Why? I’m a Dolphins fan, ha ha.

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