Matt Nagy: There are a lot of good quarterbacks in this draft class

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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The Bears have already anointed quarterback Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback heading into the 2021 season. During his press conference last week, General Manager Ryan Pace touted Dalton as “one of the more complete quarterbacks that we evaluated this year in free agency.”

But Chicago may not be done at quarterback, as the draft is coming up at the end of the month. Pace and head coach Matt Nagy have been evaluating the incoming passers, and Dalton’s presence apparently will not prevent the Chicago from bringing in a potential long-term solution.

“It is more difficult [to evaluate these quarterbacks] because you just don’t have the luxury of being at the combine and seeing these guys throw and see the ball come out of their hands and their footwork,” Nagy said late last week, via Jeff Dickerson of ESPN. “You get to see every one of those guys from the top guy to the bottom guy. Right now you just don’t have the luxury of doing that.

“As everybody knows, we’ve been to a few pro days with some of these quarterbacks and it definitely helps, but there is only so many of those you can do and see. What’s fair is every other team is doing the same thing. Ryan [Pace] and I are super excited about going through that evaluation process together and how we do it. It’s a challenge, but we look forward to it. There are a lot of good quarterbacks in this draft class.”

The Bears have the 20th overall pick, so unless they trade up, they’re likely out of contention for one of the top prospects. But if one falls, Chicago will have at least done the due diligence necessary to feel comfortable capitalizing if an opportunity presents itself.

9 responses to “Matt Nagy: There are a lot of good quarterbacks in this draft class

  1. An opportunity to blow it again? I wonder if they’ll trade up to 19 if they have to get the best guy?

  2. If Pace is evaluating which QB to draft they will find the worst one. The real question is when Dalton gets benched and Foles loses the next game do both Nagy and Pace get canned at that time.

  3. Pace isn’t the problem. Nagy hasn’t shown he knows how to put QBs in the best position to succeed as the OC/Head Coach. When he’s not involved like towards the end of last season the QB’s play better.

  4. They only really blew it by not taking Mahomes. Hindsight being what it is, I’m sure they’d take Trubisky over Watson knowing what we know now.

  5. You can’t say Pace isn’t the problem but Nagy is. Pace drafted Trubisky in a vacuum and he’s the one who hired Nagy. So he’s responsible for all of this mess. And if you want to take it a step further, Phillips and the McCaskeys are responsible for taking an NFL cornerstone franchise and making it flounder for decades. But at least their pockets are full.

  6. the Bears are run as a business and there is no real need to win championships to keep the McCaskey clan happy and well-to-do. At least we know they won’t go 8 & 8 this year.

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