Sammy Watkins: I can’t wait to play with Lamar Jackson

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After failing to land a couple of their targets, the Ravens signed a free agent receiver in Sammy Watkins.

Baltimore had a few factors working in its favor, including the presence of offensive coordinator Greg Roman and pass game specialist Keith Williams — both of whom Watkins has worked with in the past. But Watkins also cited Lamar Jackson as one of the attractive aspects of the franchise.

“I think going through this process and knowing I was going to be a free agent, you look at a lot of different teams and there was one team that stuck out — it was the Ravens,” Watkins said during his Monday press conference. “Lamar Jackson, heard too many great stories about just the team and the history of Baltimore.”

Watkins noted he’d talked with Jackson and the two had a great conversation about expectations and playing together.

“Kind of talked to him like, ‘Man, this is your show, I just want to be a part of it. You’re a special talent and I just want to come in and try to help out as far as making plays for you, making it easy on you,'” Watkins said. “And he just said the same thing, ‘I just want a guy that can go out there and ball, have fun, enjoy himself, and bring that swagger.’ And I can’t wait to work with him.”

With the Ravens finishing last in passing yards and attempts in 2020, Watkins acknowledged Baltimore’s reputation as not being the best destination for a free agent receiver. As one might expect from a player now on the team, Watkins didn’t seem concerned about it.

“I just think coaches call plays and players got to play,” Watkins said. “They’re going to put us in the best situations to make those plays. And I think Lamar is going to go out there and kill it and throw for however many yards that he’s been doing and score touchdowns. I just want to be a part of something special and I think we’re going to get the job done.”

10 responses to “Sammy Watkins: I can’t wait to play with Lamar Jackson

  1. Sammy Watkins: I can’t wait to play with Lamar Jackson for a few games before I strain my calf and miss three quarters of the season.”


  2. He’d better get used to a lot of games with 3 rec’s and 40 yards and I say this as huge Ravens fan.

  3. Can’t wait for 2 receptions for 18 yards in each of the 6 games a year he plays.

  4. What do you want him to say… “man this sucks I didn’t get any offers from teams that can throw the ball so im suck with lamar.”

  5. Can’t wait to see Lamar light it up in the air this year and shut all you haters up. I say that with about 45% confidence.

    – Ravens fan

  6. Sammy doesn’t realize that Lamar is a much lesser version of Tyreek Hill, we are taking about Wide Receivers aren’t we…

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