Scott Fitterer: We’ll find Teddy Bridgewater’s right place, whether here or elsewhere

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
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The Panthers trade for quarterback Sam Darnold on Monday seems to signal the end of the road for Teddy Bridgewater‘s time with the franchise.

General Manager Scott Fitterer didn’t come out and say that explicitly in his press conference to discuss the trade. But he came close.

“We’re going to find the right place [for Bridgewater], whether it’s here or someplace else,” Fitterer said, via Joe Person of

Fitterer also noted that he had talked with Bridgewater and his agent on Monday, and all parties are on the same page. The trade won’t stop Carolina from selecting a QB in the upcoming draft, either.

Bridgewater threw for 3,733 yards with 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 15 games for the Panthers in 2020 — his first year as a full-time starter since suffering a career-threatening knee injury just before the start of the 2016 season. But Bridgewater was consistently unable to propel the team to wins in late-game situations, which was one factor for why the club was looking to upgrade the position this offseason.

12 responses to “Scott Fitterer: We’ll find Teddy Bridgewater’s right place, whether here or elsewhere

  1. He played well, would have helped if McCaffrey wasn’t injured. Didn’t have much of a chance. I would rather Dallas have let Dak walk and got either Darnold, pretty low draft picks and base salary, or Bridgewater – spent the money somewhere else on the team.

  2. Bridgewater hasn’t been setting the football world on fire lately. Unless he’s delusional or wants a ridiculous amount of money, you could do a lot worse for a backup to Darnold.

  3. Rhule’s play calling and game management late in games should be looked at. Case in point against the Vikings, the Panthers should have milked the clock and run the ball with a couple of minutes to go and force the Vikes to burn their timeouts. Yet they call pass plays which stop the clock. Then their defense puts no pressure on Cousins and he marches down the field and scores. Everyone knows you need to pressure Cousins. That was a game he gave away. I don’t see it with this guy.

  4. If Carolina wants wins, they traded for the wrong guy because the Jets got so few wins last season that they have the second overall pick in the draft. Sam Darnold may well give Carolina what they are looking for eventually but to just hand the job to him is not a smart move if they really wants to win more games in 2021. I think Bridgewater would welcome a trade to New Orleans, where he went unbeaten as starter in 2019.

  5. Bridgewater wont get traded to the Saints because of contract, but if he is released then I know he will be back with the Saints.

  6. Carolina is making all the right moves, and they have been since the team got their new owner. When Jerry Jones and Eddie DeBartolo first bought their teams, they inherited a couple of really bad teams. But they started making good moves, and 2 or 3 years later, they started paying off. Patience is the key, but they’re definitely doing everything right.

  7. There is more to winning than just a QB. Their RB was injured, they have no tighend, defense put them in hole consistently but yeah, QB is to be blamied. They are in for a rude surprise

  8. Bridgewater is nothing special as evidenced by his numbers but after watching every darnold snap I m not saying Carolina won this trade

  9. Does it matter which of these two plays QB for the Panthers. I didn’t think so. Frankly, they put themselves in a good position though. With Darnold at QB and what they gave up for him, it seems to me it is a very low risk, average reward scenario for them. Neither of these QBs is going to win them the SB. They best trade up in the draft.

  10. When you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback.

    There’s no guarantee Darnold is better than Bridgewater.

    I’d say they’re both below-average starters until proven otherwise.

  11. I wouldn’t mind see the Eagles give up a 7th rounder for Bridgewater to add to their QB room. From every team he has played for he has been a positive attitude and locker room presense!

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