Tony Buzbee announces Tuesday press conference in Deshaun Watson case

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Attorney Tony Buzbee had nothing to say in response to the news that a criminal complaint has been filed against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Buzbee will have something to say about Watson on Tuesday.

“Our team will hold an in-person press conference at our Houston office on the 73rd floor of Chase Tower downtown Houston, Texas, on Tuesday at noon,” Buzbee announced on Instagram. “This press conference will address important and significant developments in the Deshaun Watson case. We will take a few questions, but only from those present, and we will also distribute information to those assembled. We will, of course, live stream the press conference here on this platform. For those that attend, security will be strict; if you have no press credentials, you won’t attend.”

Buzbee’s firm has filed 21 civil lawsuits against Watson. It remains unclear whether the person who made the criminal complaint against Watson is one of the 21 plaintiffs represented by Buzbee.

Given the lingering vacuum (beyond the terms of the 21 lawsuits) when it comes to the facts and circumstances of the claims against Watson, the gravity of the situation hasn’t fully registered. It is, without question, a very serious matter. And it most likely will not be resolved quickly and quietly, not with so many people now accusing Watson of wrongdoing.