Carlos Dunlap: Russell Wilson told me he’s here to stay

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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After the Seahawks re-signed defensive end Carlos Dunlap last month, quarterback Russell Wilson shared an enthusiastic response to the news and Wilson had a hand in making sure that Dunlap returned to Seattle.

Comments from Wilson earlier in the offseason led to speculation about his future with the Seahawks and Dunlap told reporters on Tuesday that the prospect of Wilson leaving the team was weighing on his mind as he considered the team’s contract offer. Dunlap said he reached out to Wilson for assurance about his plans and got the answer he wanted to hear.

“He told me he’s with us, and he’s here to stay and he said ‘Let’s go Hawks,'” Dunlap said, via Joe Fann.

There’s been little sign that there’s a real chance of Wilson heading elsewhere before the 2021 season and his responses to Dunlap’s return and other moves the team has made suggest that he’s feeling positive about the team’s work this offseason. That may not put all of his concerns to bed permanently, but it looks like enough for everyone to move forward for the time being.

10 responses to “Carlos Dunlap: Russell Wilson told me he’s here to stay

  1. Until Ciara tells him to leave. Did you happen to see how she chewed off Goddell’s ear
    in his box during the Super Bowl?

  2. Staying put this season, for sure. His status & rumors will surface again next off season, as the penalty in Dead Cap hit will be much less and the clammer for him will be much more realistic. I’m not sure if he would be traded next off season, but hopefully he won’t want that to occur. Winning will solve a bunch of unrest. Go Hawks!!

  3. Russ is a super honest dude who’s persona is not put-on for TV at all so you’re all set Carlos. Go Hawks!

  4. Get the best deal for R.W. Don’t let the door hit you on the way OUT of Seattle!

  5. I sure hope so. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are meant for each other. I hope he plays at least until he is 45 years old and that he makes the most money of any quarterback year after year until he retires. I would be ecstatic if that happens. 10-15 more years of one and out in the playoffs for Seattle would be terrific.

  6. He’s got nowhere else to go. No team is foolish to pay his outrageous annual salary or give up 3-4 first round draft picks to acquire him. He’ll be there for a very long time.

  7. If there is one or two things I’ve learned this off-season is that I can’t believe a word that Russell Wilson says and that I never have to listen again to what he has says at his press availability.

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