Colts hoping to evaluate Jacob Eason more this offseason

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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The Colts made a trade for Carson Wentz this offseason and that solved the question of who their starter will be in the wake of Philip Rivers’ retirement.

It’s less clear who will be the No. 2 in Indianapolis. Jacoby Brissett signed with the Dolphins, which leaves 2020 fourth-round pick Jacob Eason as the only quarterback behind Wentz.

That would seem to give Eason an inside track on the backup gig, but quarterbacks coach Scott Milanovich pointed out one snag in that approach. Eason never played a snap last season, took relatively few reps during a truncated training camp, and had no preseason action to give the Colts a full picture of what he can do.

“It’s pretty incomplete,” Milanovich said, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “I’ve watched him at Washington, I watched his training camp stuff. I watched some of the scrimmages he played in, and he did some really nice things. He obviously has a big, big arm, can make all the throws. . . . Until you see a guy play, it’s really hard to make an evaluation.”

The lack of a book on Eason hasn’t pushed the Colts to acquire a seasoned backup at this point. The NFL has said they expect in-person work this offseason and having that come to fruition would help the team be sure that’s the right way to go.

4 responses to “Colts hoping to evaluate Jacob Eason more this offseason

  1. I agree 100% with Milanovich. It’s impossible to evaluate a QB without seeing him play in an NFL game. It’s also why some late rounds picks never get a chance, while early picks get multiple chances. It’s hard to throw an unproven guy into a game, but the more you have invested, the more likely they’ll get a chance. Sometimes it takes an injury for a late round guy to get in. That’s how Brady and Kurt Warner got their opportunities. Eason definitely has all the talent in the world. The question is whether he’ll get his shot.

  2. If there’s one thing we know about the Colts it’s that they are TERRIBLE when it comes to developing QB’s which is why QB is the only position that they actually use free agency and trades to get regularly. They literally just admitted that in a season where both their starter and backup were on the last year of their deals they put zero effort into getting Eason ready.

    You would think they’d learn from the two decades of horrible play from there backups on that team they’d actually learn that giving your backup QB’s reps is kind of important.

  3. haughville says:
    April 6, 2021 at 8:07 pm
    Their backups, not there. Plus, what are you talking about?

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    I get the Colts are a small market team that no one pays attention to but for those that have they’d know that they have a pretty lengthy history of not preparing backups resulting in those backups being absolutely terrible when asked to come in games.

    Jim Sorgi – 0 wins out of 16 games played.

    2011 Colts – 2-14 with three QB’s starting over the season when Manning went down

    Jacoby Brissett – 11-19 in Indianapolis

    and thats not counting one and dones like Brian Hoyer and Kelly Holcomb.

    The Colts are a team that depends on hoping a high round draft pick can just figure it out on their own and crossing their fingers that their backups never get in. If a Colts second stringer walks on the field games over. Jacob Eason is being led the same route.

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