NFL: We are monitoring “deeply disturbing” allegations against Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The first woman to file a lawsuit accusing Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual assault revealed her identity and spoke to the media at a press conference with lawyer Tony Buzbee on Tuesday.

Ashley Solis called herself “a survivor of assault and harassment” at the hands of Watson, who faces 21 other civil lawsuits alleging similar behavior during massages with female masseuses. Watson is also the subject of a criminal investigation by the Houston Police Department.

The NFL did not comment on the start of that investigation, but NFL vice president of communications Brian McCarthy did issue a comment on Tuesday.

“The allegations are deeply disturbing and we take these issues very seriously,” McCarthy said in a statement to PFT. “Immediately following news of the first allegations last month, and as has been reported, we initiated an investigation under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. We are continuing to closely monitor all developments in the matter.”

A league source told PFT that the league has been in contact with Buzbee. It’s unclear when the league might take any action, including placing Watson on the Commissioner Exempt list while the investigations play out. If they do and Watson changes course by reporting for work with the Texans, he would be placed on paid leave.

26 responses to “NFL: We are monitoring “deeply disturbing” allegations against Deshaun Watson

  1. Call me cynical but if this wasn’t one of the leagues biggest stars he would standing in the unemployment line already

  2. If Watson had not led the Texans to a 4 win season last year he would have already been cut!!

  3. This guy is not playing this season for any team. Texans now wish they would have traded him and got a boat load of picks in return.

  4. I don’t think there was ever a realistic opportunity to trade him. Everybody knew this was coming.,Thats probably why Watson wanted out. It’s probably also why Houston decided not to involve him in off season decision making like they had originally allegedly promised to do. Had the Texans unloaded this guy to some poor sucker GM for a bunch of picks and then it came out they knew about all of this – that would not have ended well fir their organization.

  5. My .02. I would think there would be some asset management from the NFL, team and agency that represents him. Someone know about his proclivity for massages from what seems to be an abundance of masseuses. It was an obvious potential liability even if he was 100% above board, It appears that it was not. Millions of $$ but no asset management?

  6. Imagine if all the criticism the Texans took for not including Watson in future discussions concerning the organization as well as other strange moves they made prior to his situation blowing up, make them prescient and well managed because they were actually managing the impending disaster, prior to it becoming public knowledge?

    Boy would Texan haters sure look stupid if that proves to be the case…

  7. Still waiting for the NFL to punish Robert Kraft for the “deeply disturbing” massage he received.

  8. Any settlement should include Watson seeking treatment for his Masseuse Addiction.

  9. Imagine beeing the Texans and a couple weeks ago you could have been paid handsomely for this guy to be SOMEONE ELSE problem. Goodness.

  10. Is this really “sexual assault” or was he clumsily trying to flirt with these women? He’s a single guy, has pretty women rubbing his body…it’s not a stretch. No proof he forced these women to do anything sexual in nature.

  11. As far as off season personnel decisions, Deshaun really wanted to be involved in the choice of the new team masseuse.

  12. lgw91s says:
    April 6, 2021 at 4:33 pm
    Have to believe he is guilty of something other than bad judgement.

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    What you have to do is look at the full body of evidence from a legal standpoint. Nothing has been proven to this point. Just carnival barker Buzbee making a spectacle, trying to get paid. Today’s revelations show the first plaintiff demanding $100,000 and Buzbee giving the old “do you know who I am?” shtick. No credible evidence has been made public. We shall see if any ever is. Let it play out before jumping to conclusions.

  13. octavian says:
    April 6, 2021 at 5:07 pm
    Still waiting for the NFL to punish Robert Kraft for the “deeply disturbing” massage he received.

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    Umm, there wasn’t a complaint nor did Kraft do anything wrong since it was consensual.

    A serial abuser using Instagram to ruin unsuspecting women’s lives is not even close to a happy ending ot visiting the Bunny Ranch.

    Consenting adults having sex is no one’s business and it’s creepy you want it to be yours.

  14. Watson needs some serious help if this is all true. Since he wants out anyway,the Texans should cut him before he can go on paid leave.Comparing his situation to Robert Kraft’s is ridiculous. Kraft didn’t sexually assault or harass anyone.

  15. The Patriots will take him. Here’s the offer: our username and Netflix password.

  16. Again, the Texans could not have traded Watson. He wanted to be traded before the new NFL year. All of the accusations came out before the trade would have been official. Any team taking Watson could have and would have rescinded the trade.

  17. I just hope this is concluded during the 2021 season.
    Its not justice to drag this out.
    I know the media and some fans want that, but realistically, if there is an investigation, it should be completed before the season starts and Goodell can do whatever he’s going to do.

  18. The NFL ought to buy out the Texans ownership of Janice and Cal McNair and implode the entire franchise. Start over with new ownership and a new foundation. If anything, try to work out a deal to bring the Oilers franchise name back which is currently held by the Titans for economic and business purposes. Offer them a lump sum payment for the name and rights and then transfer the Oilers franchise back to Houston under competent ownership. As far as Watson goes, if the criminal liability is actually true he’s looking at jail time or being totally out of the league. Not to mention all of these lawsuits which if true is going to cost him dearly. The Texans have been a crap show for the last 20 years….time to clean up the mess and put an end to the nonsense.

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