The Spring League expands, will adopt “spot and choose” overtime


There will be more of The Spring League this year.

The developmental league announced that they will add two teams to the league and two weeks to the schedule for their next season. That season, which now runs six weeks, kicks off on May 6 and will split the eight teams into two divisions that will play in the hub cities of Indianapolis and Houston.

In addition to those changes, The Spring League announced that they will use the “spot and choose” overtime procedure that was proposed by the Ravens earlier this year. The tweak involves having one team choose the starting field position and the other choosing whether to be on offense or defense after the coin toss.

“We have been innovators since we launched in 2017 and will continue to experiment with new technology and rule modifications to enhance the viewing experience for our fans and make the game safer at all levels,” The Spring League CEO Brian Woods said in a statement.

NFL owners are set to vote on that proposal and other possible rules changes later this month. That won’t provide time to see how it works in The Spring League, but the league could revisit the proposal down the road if it does not pass this time.