Warren Moon: Russell Wilson, Seahawks appear headed to divorce

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Richard Sherman left the Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch left the Seahawks. Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who spent two seasons with the Seahawks, expects Russell Wilson to one day leave the franchise.

“I think it’s kind of headed, unfortunately, in the same direction [as Lynch and Sherman],” Moon said on the Huddle & Flow podcast with Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche of NFL Media. “I think right now it’s almost like a marriage that’s started to just have squabbles, and they’re squabbling about certain little issues, whether it’s pass protection, whether it’s talent. There’s all these little squabbles going on right now. And I think because of Russell’s contract situation, there’s not a whole lot the Seahawks can do as far as moving him somewhere else, even if they wanted to.

“So I think he’s definitely there this year unless they just want to take a hit and not become a really good football team for a year or so. But I think that the marriage is not going to end very well going down the road. I think this squabble is going to turn into more of a separation and then a divorce at some point. And that usually happens with most players anyway. You just don’t like it to happen because of the two sides not getting along.”

The Bears made an “aggressive pursuit” of Wilson, but the Seahawks said no to a trade.

That doesn’t mean Wilson will finish his career with the Seahawks, though, even with Carlos Dunlap saying Tuesday that Wilson told him the quarterback is in Seattle to stay.

13 responses to “Warren Moon: Russell Wilson, Seahawks appear headed to divorce

  1. When they start squabbling over his $35million salary, then it’ll be an issue. Until then, not so much.

  2. I believe that in fact Russell Wilson will play in Seattle for two more years on the three left on his current contract. The Seahawks will then try to either extend him. If that doesn’t happen, they will work with him to find a very good trade partner. The dead money Cap Hit and savings get better each successive year.

    If that doesn’t work, the season in 2024 will be the last for Wilson in Seattle. That is, Unless he gets tagged for 2 more seasons. Then, he actually doesn’t hit the market until after the 2025 season.

  3. Don’t do it Bears!!!!! He is not worth cost at his age for a trade. Maybe, if he becomes a free agent like Brady.

  4. If Wilson wants to stay after his current contract expires, he will probably need to take a pay cut. I seriously doubt that he would. He will probably leave for more money as a free agent. If there are teams who would trade for Sam Darnold, there will probably be teams who will sign Wilson to a lucrative contract.

  5. The Seahawks kissed Russell’s behind for years….now he’s flying the coop. Sadly, it could be that no one wants to be in Seattle any longer?

  6. Warren moon, yeah – because he’s credible and has his pulse on all things relating to the Seahawks.

  7. Wilson is not asking for much, just a higher priority on the offensive line talent, health, and depth. There is already a new OC. Seahawks are very close to what Wilson wants, and a long preseason remains.

  8. It seems as though John Schneider and Brian Gutekunst took the same notes while in GB

  9. seahawkcritique says:
    April 7, 2021 at 1:35 am
    Wilson is not asking for much, just a higher priority on the offensive line *talent, *health, and *depth. There is already a new OC. Seahawks are very close to what Wilson wants, and a long preseason remains.

    *These are all expensive luxuries you don’t get as an organization who constantly gets to the playoffs and are paying top tier QB money.

    You are right that the Seahawks did quietly address most of his discrepancies as a team. Get a creative play caller whose innovative (Check), get another security blanket (Check), and then they started taking care of their own talent (Lockett, Carson, Dunlap etc.). The OLine will for sure be addressed in the draft but don’t know how much talent they’re going to acquire with 3 picks right now.

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