Bears still trying to trade Anthony Miller

NFL: DEC 06 Lions at Bears
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Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller may be on the way out of Chicago.

The Bears have had trade talks with multiple teams about moving Miller, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The possibility of Miller being traded has been discussed all offseason, and so far the Bears haven’t found a taker.

Miller has only a $1.7 million cap hit for the 2021 season, which is the last year on his rookie contract. So the salary cap would not be the reason to get rid of him.

But the Bears may have simply decided that they’re not going to use him a lot in their offense this season, and so they’d prefer to get what they can for him in a trade.

Last year Miller played in all 16 games, with six starts, and was fifth on the team with 49 catches.

18 responses to “Bears still trying to trade Anthony Miller

  1. My guess is George is showing how tough he can be. We all know how George was ticked of when Miller got tossed in that one game. Too Bad he won’t get tough with his head coach and GM.

  2. Miller was terrible…didn’t have his head in the game and too many passes went right though his hands. He earned the nickname Anthony “off the hands of” Miller.

  3. They are obviously asking too much for him otherwise I think he’d be gone by now

  4. Another trade-up by Pace. Miller might be better with a QB that can find the secondary receiver.

  5. Why trade for him when in a few weeks you can just pick him up off the waiver wire?

  6. If they cannot get a draft pick for him, they should bring him to camp. Maybe this is a wake-up call.

  7. The 5th option on the Bears? That’s like being the 4th best RB on the Bills

  8. Miller has the talent to be a star and has flashed it on multiple occasions. He was making impressive catches in clutch situations as recently as late last season. The problem is he is inconsistent, has not been invested in learning the playbook and route tree, and has had issues with his temper. He has been “coached up” repeatedly and, while it has to be frustrating to be overthrown so often when you’re wide open for a big gain or TD, the return on investment just hasn’t been there.

  9. For that salary, if you can’t find a good trade just keep him. Maybe he clicks with Dalton (or whomever ends up being QB1), but he’s a solid NFL WR and that’s a bargain price.

  10. Evaluating players is tricky. Half of it is talent. Half is character. For the most part, you can judge both by what you see on tape. I’m not at all surprised by this news about Miller.

  11. Rudderless ship with no captain headed for an ocean of icebergs. What could go wrong?

  12. Anthony Miller ruined his career because he can’t compose himself in a mature adult manner. He has multiple ejections in key games at the worst possible time under his belt. He’s way to concerned with himself instead of winning the game. He is also made of glass, multiple dislocated shoulder injuries. Flashes of talent don’t outweigh the above.

  13. He’ll be traded for nothing or cut by the end of the month.

    2 years in a row we have drafts deep at WR. I assume teams feel that a mid round rookie WR deal is far more attractive than giving up an asset for Miller’s current contract status.

  14. He’s inconsistent and makes too many dumb mistakes (taunting penalties and getting tossed once). However, the talent is there. I would be excited for him if he went to a team with better coaching and play calling. I’d rather see him get his head on right and step up for us, though.

  15. Leave it to Ryan Pace to trade up with multiple picks to take Miller in the second only to turn it into a 5th or 6th.

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