Justin Fields set to throw for teams again next week

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama
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Justin Fields got high marks for his workout at Ohio State’s Pro Day last month and said that he welcomed a chance to work out again for anyone that wasn’t able to make it to that session.

That session is set for next week. Fields’ agent told Matt Barrows of TheAthletic.com that he is set to throw at another workout on April 14.

Word of Fields’ plans for a second workout surfaced during a press conference with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan after the Niners traded for the third overall pick. Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch were set to attend Alabama’s Pro Day to watch Mac Jones at the same time FIelds was working out and Shanahan said plans for another workout were underway.

With Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson looking like good bets as the top two picks, Fields, Jones, and Trey Lance are jockeying for position on the quarterback draft board.

7 responses to “Justin Fields set to throw for teams again next week

  1. Zero chance the Niners entrust that great roster and very real Super Bowl chance to a rookie QB. They will send that pick to Minnesota for Cousins and the Vikings will be the ones deciding on whether or not to pick Fields or Trey Lance.

  2. I see what he’s doing…he’s doing this to counter the slander that’s been put out about his lack of work ethic, etc.
    I don’t see how anyone can spin this into a “negative”.

  3. I think Fields is gonna be a stud… He’s reminds me a little bit of Vince Young and Kap, only he is a MUCH better passer than either of those two ever were.

  4. Belichick could win a SB with Fields. I hope he falls to the Patriots.

  5. There haven’t been any college football games played in months. You’re not suggesting NFL teams are going to make multi-million dollar, franchise changing decisions based on a workout, are you? Jamarcus Russell threw 70 yards from his knees, and became the overall #1 pick. Tom Brady would be the least impressive guy ever at a workout, and hence was a sixth round pick. Which guy won more super bowls? I can’t believe NFL owners don’t spend their money more wisely. Well, actually, many of the owners inherited everything, so it’s easier to understand. Pro sports are the only business where you can make bad decisions and still have your organization appreciate by billions of dollars.

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