Les Snead envisions Matthew Stafford playing for the Rams into his late 30s


Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford just turned 33 in February, but his new team thinks he can be effective for plenty of years to come.

That’s at least what General Manager Les Snead said during an appearance on the 11 Personnel podcast this week.

“I don’t think we [made the trade] thinking two years,” Snead said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of TheAthletic.com. “Based on his age, you can legitimately think five to seven, eight years if you look at what Drew [Brees] has done. … With quarterbacks of his pedigree, a lot of these guys have played into their late 30s, for sure. So that was definitely the vision with [Stafford].”

Stafford started all 16 games for the Lions in 2020, completing 64.2 percent of his passes for 4,084 yards with 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Time will tell if he’ll be able to elevate Los Angeles’ offense to heights it didn’t reach with Jared Goff behind center.

21 responses to “Les Snead envisions Matthew Stafford playing for the Rams into his late 30s

  1. Based on ability and toughness I can see him playing until he’s 40. That said, the injuries have been plenty lately. Especially concerning is his back. Hopefully he has a healthy go with the Rams.

  2. Good luck with that…
    It sounds to me like he’s realizing the actually reality when it comes to the odds of having play and be effective and it doesn’t add up to the price they paid.

  3. Stafford won’t go as long as some guys have recently because he has had a lot of injuries but he has 5 years yet. That is longer than any GM looks into the future.

  4. So, he picks Drew Brees as his paragon of longevity? I mean maybe he should have chosen the guy that is older, still playing and knows how to win the big games.

  5. Rams fans are going to find out what Lions fans have seen for the last decade . Stafford does everything you want from a QB except win games . The couple of plays that win or lose games is Stafford’s downfall . It can happen at any point in the game not just at the end . Stafford has the keen ability to make mistakes at the worst possible time . Not blaming the Lions struggles all on Stafford but he deserves a fair share of the blame too . They didn’t have enough talent to be a SB contender but they sure had enough to win more games then they did with Stafford under center .

  6. Stafford is better than Goff, I don’t think football people would disagree.

    But predicting what your QB room is gonna look like in five years is moot. Luck retired out of the blue, Watson looked to package himself for multiple first-rounders but that changed real quick with the masseuse scandal.

    Manning played for the Broncos and Brady’s with the Bucs!

    I’d take it year by year.

  7. Who cares what Snead thinks!!!! Coming from a guy who never finds a need to improve our LB unit. Ranked one of the worst units in the NFL and doesn’t do anything to help improve it!!!! Makes no sense!!!!!!

  8. I predict the acquisition of Matthew Stafford will end up being a Huge Bust.

  9. Another 7 years or so? That will sure add to his list of pick sixes. He is only behind Favre by 8

  10. The real question is will Snead and boy genius McVay with his one trick offense going to last longer then Stafford. If the Rams don’t win at least a playoff game this year and Silent Stan needing to sell tickets don’t see at least one of them being around next year and maybe both. A so so Rams teams means quarter full stadiums if even that.

  11. His health and what kind of life he wants after football will push him to retire in 3 years.

  12. His back issues alone won’t let him play into his late 30s- 2 seasons and out – that’s if they can provide him some decent protection less than 2 seasons if they dont

  13. With a broken back…..

    Stafford is going to retire due to injury mid-season.

  14. In terms of wear and tear, acquiring Stafford is like acquiring your favorite luxury car brand used, with over 150K miles, worn tread, and frame damage that has been repaired. No matter how much you love the brand, would you trust this car long term?

  15. Look at his career win-loss record (74-90-1) and how often his team missed the playoffs. Look at his TD:interception ratio (282:144). Are the LAmbs fans and coaches happy with missing the playoffs regularly with Stafford? Quarterbacks are judged by their ability to win games and so are coaches. A coach who sticks with a losing QB soon finds himself looking for a new job. There is a reason Detroit has fired so many head coaches the last few years.

  16. Hate to tell Snead this but the contract is only for two. And after all the talk that Stafford is the super bowl piece then why Wouldn’t another team pay 35 mil plus then for a 35 year old qb with multiple years left. Way to drive up your own price. You already overpaid to get him and now keep talking . If im his agent I would tell them 4 years for 150 mil

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